Ocean Oracle Seashell Readings w/ Michelle Hanson

Edgar Cayce informs us that “The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” In essence, we create our reality from the thoughts and beliefs we hold. When those beliefs are at a subconscious level, we create on automatic pilot. If a hidden belief becomes limiting, it will have a huge impact on our life, yet we are unable to do anything about it when it is not at a level of our awareness. Ocean Oracle seashell readings are not designed to predict the future; they offer a deeper understanding of who we are in the present. The seashells facilitate a conversation with our Higher Self…the part of us that knows everything about our current and past lives. This partnership provides a valuable tool to bring awareness of our entire being, including any belief or pattern that may no longer serve us. This knowledge empowers us with options…once we gain awareness, should we choose to change a belief, we would reshape what we create for the future.

How to prepare for a Higher Self reading

The link below will give access to a bird’s eye view of 200 shells consecutively numbered 1-200. You may need to use the magnification tool to read the numbers. Once you are satisfied that you can see the numbers to identify each shell, close your eyes and state the name on your birth certificate a few times. When you open your eyes, notice what shells get your attention. Although there are 200 shells, you will only see what you need for your message. The rest will fade into the background. Once a shell gets your attention, your reaction may range from finding a shell attractive to finding it bothers you, or you may like some part of the shell but not others…. but if it gets your attention, it counts. You may also feel that a shell grabs your attention because it reminds you of something. If that is the case, then notice if the reminder is pleasant or bothers you. Please use the numbers below the shells to write down the shell number and your reaction. Using this method, you may end up with a dozen or so shells. If possible, you can arrange the shells in any pattern you wish. They can all be in one group, or you can have separate groups. There is no wrong way to do this. If no pattern comes to mind, that is fine as well. Simply email Michelle (michelle@oceanoracle.com) with your list of seashell numbers and your reaction to each.

To access the shells, please use the link below following the directions above:


What to expect

Once Michelle receives your selections, she will email you within the week with insights from your reading. Depending upon your shells and reactions, she may also write to ask a few questions. Seashell reading can be a work in progress with your Higher Self, Michelle’s Higher Self and the shells’ Higher Selves all working in partnership for your highest good.


Ocean Oracle seashell readings cost $80.00


Having never lived near the ocean, but with a love of seashells since early childhood, Michelle is convinced her connection to her seashell partners began in a past life. Growing up extremely shy, it was her discovery of the language of the seashell kingdom and her desire to share their guidance in navigating through life that allowed her to transform. She credits the shells for literally bringing her out of her shell. Working directly with her seashell partners, she learned that teachers don’t have to come in human bodies. Mother Nature has so much to teach us if we are willing to listen, and as Edgar Cayce tells us, “He who understands nature walks close with God. 1904-2” For more than 30 years, Michelle has been honored to serve as an ambassador on behalf of the seashell kingdom imparting their master teachings. In that effort, she authored Ocean Oracle; What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature, and Ocean Wisdom; Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom. She has presented workshops to a variety of audiences throughout the country, and authored a Seashell Divination column for four years in The Kaleidoscope magazine. Her popular online courses have reached a world-wide audience. For more information, she invites you to visit https://www.oceanoracle.com/

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$ 80.00 USD  |  01:00 hours  |  1
$ 80.00 USD  |  01:00 hours  |  1
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