By Lynne Salomon Miceli

pyramidsWhen people think of the Edgar Cayce information, many think first of the more than 14,000 health readings Cayce gave. Some focus on the Earth Changes readings and their controversial predictions. Others are most fascinated by the readings on ancient cultures. But there is one main theme that runs through the readings. It comes through in the health readings, the readings on Earth Changes and the information on Egypt, Atlantis and other ancient cultures. And it’s as important for us today as it was 12,500 years ago….

ARE-visitors-center-virginia-beachOne of the advantages of working for Atlantic University, which now has its offices in the de Laski Education Center at A.R.E. Headquarters, is that I can attend the weekly lunchtime meetings of the Egypt Study Group up in the Gladys Davis classroom at the A.R.E. Visitors Center.

This Egypt Group has studied together for at least sixteen years. It has waxed and waned over the years, but is currently in a mode of exuberant growth. Ann Clapp, who edited the Edgar Cayce Library Series volumes on Egypt, is leader of this group. Many members of the group are notable scholars of the readings. To study the Cayce information in such company is a great privilege.

The focus of our study is the era approximately 10,500 B.C., when, according to the Cayce Source, Ra Ta, or Ra, an early incarnation of Edgar Cayce, was High Priest in Egypt. Also incarnated in Egypt at the time were numerous members of what we have come to call Cayce’s “soul group.” This era, the readings tell us, was “one of the most momentous occasions or periods in the world’s history” (Reading 900-275). Great efforts were made to develop human beings physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to fulfill our highest potential. This effort was pursued in the ancient Temple of Sacrifice, Temple Beautiful and Temple of Illumination. The tenets put in place in Egypt at this time were those later taught by the Master, who studied in Egypt, among other places, during his time of preparation.

Despite the archetypal enormity of their activities and the challenges they met, people of that time in Egypt seem to have been much like people of our time in many ways—having most of the same appetites, temptations, failings and struggles.

One theme emerges time and again in these readings, though expressed in many different words. In the Egypt Group, we keep a small bell on hand and jingle it each time this refrain is repeated in the text.

From a life reading of inquirer number 97-2“In the one before this we find in the land now known as Egypt. The entity then among that peoples who gave the first study of the laws as pertaining to the relationship of man to man, and man to the creative energies…”

From life reading 2652-2: “...for after… the establishment of the king...that brought so much change in the country, the entity gained in that, with the acceptance of that taught by those that set up the study of the relations of man to man, and man to God, and God to man. The entity gained in the application of same… “

From life reading 355-1: “Finally settling in the Egyptian land when there had been the restoration of the priest Ra-Ta, the entity...aided in bringing much to a peoples... for the maintaining of those influences whereunto there might be given greater expression to the manifestations of the relationships between man and man, and between the Creative Influences…”

Ra Ta and his colleagues sent emissaries to other nations both to share what Ra Ta was teaching in Egypt and to learn from the spiritual understandings of other peoples and correlate them with the principles known in Egypt. From reading 1159-1:

“...The entity made for an assistance in those activities when there were the correlations of those teachings from the peoples of the land now called the Indian, or the land of Saneid, the land of On, the people from the Mongolian land, as they gathered in those experiences for their correlation of the best in each that...might be they sought to make for greater and greater manifestations of their dealings with their fellow man and their activities that brought them in closer relationship and understanding with the Creative Forces.”

The theme was stated clearly in a reading Edgar Cayce gave for himself:  “Let’s don’t forget the thesis, or the key for which all of this understanding had come: That there might be a closer relationship of man to the Creator and of man to man. (294-149)

Was this a theme just for this soul group’s activities in ancient Egypt?  In 1928, reading 254-42 was given for the Board of the Association of National Investigators—a precursor of the A.R.E.:

“...This, then, should be first and foremost: The determined have whole hearted cooperation, in a one-minded purpose, and that purpose to make manifest the love of God and man; man's relation to man; man's relation to God. In THIS there must come, as has ever been given, success in such terms as the service is meted…”

This, then is the “Prime Directive” of the Cayce Work. Written over the doorway of the A.R.E. Visitors Cenrer are the words, “That we may make manifest the love of God and man,” and the ideal that was set for our A.R.E. of NY Community was derived from them: “To Manifest the Love of God in Service to Humanity.”

How do we accomplish our “Prime Directive?” 

Healing has always been one of the primary ways of manifesting the love of God and humankind. Jesus healed, the saints and prophets of many religions have healed, and the Cayce readings, when applied, brought healing to people on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In our Center, we offer many modalities of healing, ranging from Cayce remedies such as castor oil packs to various kinds of spiritual and energy healing.

healing-group-2010Our Prayers for Healing Group, facilitated by Norman Curtis and Paul Dorogoff, offers healing prayer and the laying-on-of hands without charge each Thursday night, to any who request it. Their sacred healing work is done in accordance with the readings Cayce gave for the first A.R.E. Healing Prayer Group.

Meditation, Dreamwork and Intuition are means for accessing the wisdom of our Higher Selves, those parts of ourselves that are closely connected to the Divine. Our free Meditation Group, facilitated by Randall Okey each Tuesday evening, teaches meditation and how to deepen a meditation practice. You can learn and apply basics of dream interpretation at our free Dream Study Circle facilitated by Paul Dorogoff on Sunday afternoons. We offer a variety of courses and workshops to help seekers develop their intuitive skills.

Working with Ideals is an activity recommended by Cayce for bringing the Higher Self into action in daily life.  A spiritual ideal is like a North Star to be guided by. When we work with Ideals and inner guidance, though we may stray, we  always find our way back to our true path. Our A.R.E. of NY Board has recently reviewed its Ideals and dedicated itself to the Board Ideal of the universal Christ Consciousness.

search-for-god-anniversary-editionThe A Search for God spiritual growth group can incorporate all of these: Meditation, dream interpretation, Ideals, and healing prayer. Throughout the years, many people in the Cayce Work have viewed the Search for God groups as the “heart of the Cayce readings.” This is appropriate because the Search for God material given by the Cayce Source, is nothing less than a series of powerful lessons in perfecting our relationship with God and our fellow human beings. Our Center offers two Search for God groups, one on Monday evenings, facilitated by Norman Curtis, the other facilitated by Jack Rosen, on Saturday mornings.

These and other spiritual growth groups, courses, workshops and fellowship activities at the Center are among the ways that we fulfill our Prime Directive.

Could we do more? An affirmation from the A Search for God books includes the lines,...Father God, in Thy mercy, in Thy love, be Thou with us now. For we know and we speak of Thy love… But do we?

Perhaps some of us feel a kind of embarrassment about speaking of God’s amazing love. Perhaps we feel that God’s love for us is a topic for church, synagogue or temple, but not for the A.R.E. 

In this holy season when we celebrate thankfulness and the love of God and man, it is appropriate to remind ourselves that our organization exists—now as in ancient Egypt—to foster a closer relationship between man and God, God and man, man and man. Let us remember this and claim the promise given in reading 2673-1:

“... may it be said of self—‘Even the stars in their courses will fight for the entity’ in aiding others to understand their relationships with the Creative Forces and their fellow man!“


lynnemiceliLynne Salomon Miceli is one of the founders and a former Director of the A.R.E of NY Center. She now lives in Norfolk, Virginia and works as Registrar at Atlantic University an accredited graduate university closely associated with the National A.R.E.  Lynne continues to serve as a Life Member of the Board of Trustees of A.R.E. of NY.
Explanation with Search For God Book photo:

In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic with one condition: they would have to “live” the precepts. It took the group eleven years to apply and compile the twenty-four lessons which became A Search for God, Books I and II.

This material has helped individuals and groups around the world to discover a closer attunement to God.