by Robert Krajenke

(Published in the Jan-Feb 2002 issue of the A.R.E's Venture Inward)

malcolmsmithhealing crpMalcolm Smith is a spiritual healer, an "ordinary man with an extraordinary gift." He puts his hands on people and they get better. The power, he says, comes from God, and the healing is directed by angels and spirit doctors. With bemused humility, he claims to be just an innocent bystander in the healing process.

Bernice Pendrose (not her real name) lived with diminishing light. The retina in her eyes began degenerating slowly from birth. By age of 35, she no longer had the ability to distinguish purple and blue. Soon after, the genetic disorder, Retinitis Pigmentosa, claimed her peripheral vision and other colors began to progressively fade and disappear until all she saw was gray and dark. When she reached age 35, she was declared legally blind. Her doctors gave her no hope, no chance of gaining any of her sight back. She would never see again.

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