sandy inghamSandy Ingham is an internationally acclaimed Medium and one of the few Trance Spirit Artists known today. It is fitting that her very first New York City appearance takes place at the Edgar Cayce Center.

The parallels between Sandy’s Spirit Art and Edgar Cayce’s Readings are compelling and indeed uncanny:

  • She has no artistic ability whatsoever in the waking state, much like Mr. Cayce had no background in, or conscious knowledge of, medicine or anatomy.
  • Like Mr. Cayce, Sandy will remove her shoes before entering the trance state and has no recollection of what has transpired during that time.
  • As a child, Sandy had palpable and consistent contact with her “Friends” from the Spirit world, just as Mr. Cayce did.

Space is limited. Please register early for these one-of-a-kind events!

Spirit Art & Communication

Lecture & Demonstration By Sandy Ingham

Saturday, October 28, 1 - 4 pm

Sandy Ingham Book CoverSandy Ingham will be guided in a self-induced trance state by her inter-dimensional Guide, Art Master “Leo,” and, in a gallery-type setting, will deliver hand drawn portraits of those who have passed into Spirit for audience members spontaneously selected by her Guide.

As Sandy draws under the astute direction of Leo, she is also accompanied by a live Medium who will deliver oral messages from loved ones in Spirit to the intended recipients of the Portraits, each of whom will receive Sandy’s completed drawing at the conclusion of this Demonstration.

Through this unique and awe-inspiring process of Trance Spirit Art, Sandy provides convincing evidential proof of after-death existence. Under the tutelage of her life-long Guide Leo, she seeks to heal the trauma of bereavement and to provide assurances of continued life on the other side.

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You can purchase signed copies of Sandy’s remarkable book The Mediumship and Psychic Art of Sandy Ingham at our Center, available starting October 28.

Embracing Spirit Art

Unique Day Workshop with Sandy Ingham

Sunday, October 29, 11 am - 6 pm

In this all-day Workshop, Sandy’s Spirit guide, Leo, joins in with Sandy in his own very simple way and teaches each individual student as they, too, learn and draw… inspiring and guiding them through the process of creating Spirit Art Portraits.

Even participants who have never picked up a pencil to draw can quite literally find themselves sketching a believable face by the end of the day. For Clairvoyants and Mediums, as well as those developing these and other psychic abilities, Leo teaches them how to successfully draw the person in Spirit that they see.
Students attending will be supplied paper and charcoal pencils on arrival, and will have a unique opportunity to derive great satisfaction and awe from this novel and soul-gratifying experience.

$180, Members save 20%: $144 Buy Tickets

Personal Readings & Spirit Art Portraits

Private Readings with Sandy Ingham

Wednesday, November 1

By appointment, Sandy will engage in a very limited number of private, one-on-one, 45-minute live Readings at the Edgar Cayce Center.

Clients can request a Spirit Art Portrait with their Reading, which will either be completed and available at the Center before Sandy leaves NYC, or will be sent by postal mail upon her return to the UK, depending upon scheduling and the number of Portraits requested during her stay in NYC.

45 minutes each
Reading $100, with Portrait $175
Call (212) 691-7690 for appointments.

sandy inghamSANDY INGHAM resides in England with her husband Michael, who is her constant travelling companion and faithful Assistant. She has been a Medium since the age of three, and has now demonstrated her unique gifts in Spirit Art both in the UK, throughout Europe and Australia, and elsewhere over the last ten years since this rare and amazing ability emerged from within her. She is also a non-practicing Nurse, as well as a mother and grandmother. To learn more about Sandy, visit:

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