golden fractal revJoin us in meditation and prayer to Create the Center of Our Dreams in the highest and best way possible.

We invite you to listen to this free MP3 meditation created by the A.R.E. of NY Board of Trustees guided by manifestation teacher Maureen St. Germain—updated to include our vision of heart-centered leadership! Download and use this free MP3 meditation (right-click on audio player to save it) posted here:

Join our Center Prayers for Healing Group in person on Thursday nights, 7:30—9:00 pm, tune in from home or pray for the Center at any time!

butterfly blue transformationThe Board of Trustees of the A.R.E. of New York is the group of volunteers responsible for governing our non-profit organization in accordance with its bylaws and procedures, NY state law and, of course, Edgar Cayce principles.

Usually, Boards work quietly on long-range, big-picture goals such as our current initiative to "Create the Center of Our Dreams." Over the past few months, we’ve been dealing with some special challenges that we are pleased to say are finally being resolved.

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Just by doing things you do anyway—shopping online & searching the Net, you can help A.R.E. of NY Create the Center of Our Dreams. (See our fundraising goals here)

goodshopUse shopping portal to reach your favorite retailers and help the A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center to grow! Participating stores donate up to 20% of what you spend online. Includes 5,000+ major retailers!. Save money too, using Goodshop’s coupons on items ranging from books from Amazon and shoes from Kohl's to dishes from Macy's.

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golden-fractal-revEdgar Cayce often advised people to “…make the world a better place because you have lived in it.”

We think everyone wants that, so the A.R.E. of NY Board started a powerful dream-creating process in September to enable the Cayce Center to do that by reaching more seekers and enlightening more lives. Now, we invite you to join us in a Meditation to create "The Center of Our Dreams!"

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