easter golden eggIn this beautiful season of rebirth and renewal, important changes are happening at the New York Edgar Cayce Center.

Since 2012, the Chair of our Board has also acted as Director of the Center—a situation that placed a great deal of authority and responsibility on one person’s shoulders. The Board has now changed that paradigm.

Sylvia Chappell, who has served as Board Chair and Acting Center Director since April, 2015, has stepped down from both positions to focus on her own work as an Intuitive consultant, teacher and dancer.

The Center Director role will now be filled by a Directing Team consisting of Board members, Al DeMarcoPeter Goldbeck and Lin Hunter.

directing teamAl DeMarco will be overseeing business aspects and the physical space of the Center. He brings his background working for the City of New York and his experience developing fundraisers for special needs children to his service on the Directing Team.

Peter Goldbeck is a well-known and much loved Reconnective Healer, Reiki Master/instructor and workshop leader in the Center. He will be our Volunteer Coordinator.

Lin Hunter will oversee events, the website and our bookstore. Lin is the instructor of our Psychic Skills course and brings her experience as the Director of her own School for Psychic Studies to her role.

At a Board meeting on March 17th, I was elected as Board Chair. I will not be a part of the Directing Team but I look forward to working closely with them. I’m very grateful to Al, Peter and Lin for accepting their new roles.

I’m also extremely grateful to Sylvia Chappell for her many years of service to our Community. Sylvia was part of the team that founded the Center in 1997. She served as our Program Coordinator for thirteen years (starting before we had a Center, when we presented programs in rented spaces). Over the years, Sylvia also served as Council Member, Treasurer, Board member, Board Chair and Center Director—as well as being a generous supporter and Life Member of the Center. Sylvia will continue as a practitioner and instructor in the Center. She will complete her term on the Board and is giving her full support to the new Directing Team during this transition of roles.

Our new team is excited about the future of our Center and about serving our Community. They are already bringing their enthusiasm and creativity to the tasks at hand.

The Board also thanks you, our Community, for your support. Please keep our new team and our Center in your prayers.

easter flowers basket of eggsWe wish you a blessed and joyful Passover, Easter and Spring!

Light & Love,

Lynne Salomon Miceli
A.R.E. of NY Board Chair

P.S. Easter Closing:
Please note: The Center will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 1.

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Today, printed copies were delivered to our Center and mailed to our postal list of Members and Calendar subscribers. Please allow 5-10 days for delivery to your home. If you are not already on our postal mailing list and want to receive a calendar, please send your postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Search for Edgar Cayce’s Lost World with James Vieira—May 16

The True Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalena with David Young—May 18

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volunteer with usVolunteers are the heart of our non-profit organization. Your service is vital to the well being of our Center’s community of seekers.

To help, please contact interim Volunteer Coordinator Kev O’Kane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Valuable benefits after 3 months of good service include:

  • Free workshops, classes, community events—even certification programs when available—excellent ways to develop your psychic, intuitive and soul forces.
  • 40% discount in our Cayce Book & Gift Shop
  • Free sessions with select Wellness Practitioners
  • Belonging to a diverse community of kindred spirits
  • Good Karma: When you give generously and selflessly from the heart, Source God/the Universe gives back to you!
Part-time volunteer positions available include:
  • Front desk support for Center events and activities (especially weekends and weeknights)
  • Designing promotional flyers and handouts
  • psychic fair sacred geometry

    Support at our monthly Psychic Fairs. Next: March 10. Those who capably serve will receive a free reading at each Fair  (depending upon availability) or soon thereafter.





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