Without your generous help, our beautiful Center—that has served our City for 20 years—will close at the end of June.

praying hands sunlightOur Center was founded with high ideals and the hope that it would be a legacy—not only to seekers of the present but to future generations—bringing Light and healing to a City so much in need of both.

The Center has brought Light and healing and transformed many lives.

Now it will close—unless you help.

For our Center to thrive, we need about $35,000 a month.

Recently we’ve had shortfalls of about $15,000 a month. Board members have made up the difference, but that is not sustainable.

Our recent reorganization of Board and Center leadership was an effort to put the Center on a brighter path. We’ve seen signs of positive change—yet our finances haven’t improved to the level needed to sustain the Center.

Our Directors have plans for increasing income and decreasing our expenses—but the savings won’t come soon enough.

We’ve asked for monthly pledges from Community members to help sustain the Center—and some have responded generously—but not enough.

Your help now can make the difference:

  • Your generous donation would help us immediately.
  • A one-time pledge made by 6/15 (to be fulfilled by 6/29) can be made by phone or using a One Time Pledge Form.
  • Your monthly PLEDGE could help sustain the Center into the future.
  • Please join us in praying for the outcome which is for the highest and best good.

We need your support by June 15th. That’s when the final decision—to close or stay open—must be made.

If the Center is forced to close, donations given now will help to pay our staff and final bills. Monthly pledges will automatically terminate. Some ongoing courses will continue in other venues. Memberships purchased in May will be refunded.

Your gift can help to make a miracle! Please help keep the Light of the Cayce legacy shining in our City. Contributions of any size are welcome.

Thank you.

Light & Love,

Lynne Salomon Miceli, Al DeMarco, Peter Goldbeck, Lin Hunter, Kev O’Kane, Betty DeCandia, Sylvia Chappell

The A.R.E. of New York Board of Trustees.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments. E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To Manifest the Love of God in Service to Humanity

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