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Let your Light shine…
What better place to come for spiritual, angelic, Reiki or ancestral healing, to explore out-of-body experiences, to evolve your consciousness, to find spiritual community than the Edgar Cayce Center—the Center of Enlightenment—in the heart of NYC?

Internationally admired teachers join Center favorites for workshops and classes that energize you to evolve to your highest potential, where you can use your knowledge to enlighten the lives of others. You’ll also discover wellness services, psychic and healing fairs, free Spiritual Growth Groups and more ways to enliven your body, mind and spirit.


IAC International Academy of Consciousness programs:
The Bioenergy Workout: Psychic Self-Defense and Energetic Sensitivity Intensive—Sun, Jan 14 & Sat, March 24
The Consciousness Development Program (CDP)–Modules 1-4—Weekends, Feb 3 & 4 (CDP 1); March 3 & 4 (CDP 2); April 7 & 8 (CDP 3): April 21 & 22 (CDP 4)

2018-19 Psychic Skills Certification Program with Lin Hunter... apply by Feb 19, register by Feb 25 to save $200 on this outstanding program! 

Members save 15% on most workshops & classes.
More highlights:

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