janice taylorFew things in life have the ability to directly change or affect our emotional state more than music. I have memories of my mother lifting me out of a fussy or upset state when I was a toddler, by rocking me as she toned a simple chant.

As she chanted, I would feel my breathing slow and my body let go of tension. I became mesmerized by the sound of the chant, as my vibration was drawn, like a magnet, to my mother’s prayerful state. To this day, I use music to relax, to meditate, and to take myself into a higher vibratory state.

We each have our own spiritual connection with music and sound. The Source that spoke through Edgar Cayce once even stated that God IS music.

Janice Taylor, vocalist for our benefit recital says, “I choose music that provides a profound, personal resonance as a channel for a higher power.” Her audiences report having deep, spiritual responses to her singing.

Whether you’re longing for a deeper spiritual connection, or just enjoy healing and uplifting spiritual music, please join us on May 6, at 4:00 p.m., and experience the beauty of sound, and Oneness with Spirit at our Benefit Recital with vocalist, Janice Taylor and pianist, Lee Tomboulian.

We thank Janice and Lee for generously donating their performances for this event—a benefit for our non-profit New York Edgar Cayce Center.

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