THE FUNCTION OF MYTH in the Human Psyche with Monty Taylor

THE FUNCTION OF MYTH in the Human Psyche with Monty Taylor

October 12, 2017 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

6-WEEK COURSE: Thursdays, October 5, 12, 19 & 26, November 2 & 9: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Even before the beginning of recorded history, mankind has communicated their understanding of the multidimensional universe through stories, legends and dreams. It is the domain of the visionary, the artist and the psychic. Symbols, pictures and glyphs are the language of the metaphysical dimension of human consciousness. They show that despite the amazing technological advances we are making, that “Metaphysics is merely Quantum physics....poetically expressed.”

It is the dance of the right and left brain that brings the messages of different frequencies of thought and psychic phenomena into a grounded understanding that helps us through the challenges of a physical incarnation.

The legacy we have been given by such great minds as Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell offers an insight into navigating the challenges of being a human, and having a material experience called daily life. For example, the myth of Jason and the Argonauts is a portrayal of a human soul in search of a quest. The Odyssey is the journey of the soul back into the Self after the quest has been conquered. Both journeys are equally challenging. Every culture produces its own mythology. Myths are not meant to serve as an operator’s manual. They are more like interpretive guide books. “Myths are stories that never happened, but always are.”

This series of classes will explore the symbolic messages of the world’s mythologies, particularly the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, the basis of western thought. All classes will focus on taking the inspirations of psychic and psychological messages from the imaginary to the functional.

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Per class: $40, Members save 15%: $34

All registrants will automatically save $40 on a private, in-depth astrology reading with Monty (one-hour session only $160, regularly $200)

Week 1, Oct 5: Ancient Cultures and Western Civilization; Myths as Mirrors
We’ll explore the concept of creation of ancient cultures and how they helped evolve the principles of western civilization. Also, a brief exploration of the myths of Asia and Ancient America will be touched upon for clarity and contrast. Like the routines of daily life, myths are organic thought forms that are in constant evolution that serve as a mirror to the realities being created by thought, both in our individual and collective lives.

Week 2-4, Oct 12, 19 & 26: Cycles of Civilizations, Group Thought and the Language of the Visionary
We’ll explore the language of the visionary ranging from the great psychics to the great artists of the centuries. What is the clarity they bring to everyday life? The current of human consciousness flows like a river through Times, Places and Epochs. The cycles of civilization are related to the group thought dynamic of different chapters of mental, emotional and psychic values that are recorded in the many myths of mankind.

Week 5-6, Nov 2 & 9: Human Voyage, Collective Consciousness and Psychic Communication. Practical Applications of Mythology
We’ll distill the meaning of the human voyage and the emerging of the collective consciousness. We will search for the practical applications of mythology to our current times. "An ungrounded vision is only a hallucination". Unfocused desires and aspirations can backfire into self-undoing. The myths illustrate both the evolved and unevolved use of Will. Psychic communications through such great mediums as Edgar Cayce and the psychics of today will be referenced to show the multidimensional aspects of consciousness as thought, emotions and transpersonal factors continue to integrate in search of higher consciousness.


"Monty Taylor has the way of the wizard about him. That’s the best way I can describe him. I’ve never met anyone who practices the art of astrology with such depth and mastery. In class he holds students spellbound as he cracks open the mysteries of the universe. Through examples from myth and archetype, along with his own profound perspective as a powerful psychic and seer he takes us to unexplored places. In his work he touches the soul and mystery of existence on the individual and collective levels. His classes are as much transmissions as lectures, and I walk away from each session with a new understanding of astrology as well as a shifted consciousness. Monty’s classes are a truly addictive pleasure! I can’t wait for Part II to begin in July."

~ Kat Ebin, NYC ~

"Monty is a true American treasure! His Astrology classes are chock-full of useful information that can be applied towards everyday life, and at the same time his wisdom and esoteric knowledge feeds and expands parts of your mind and soul you never knew existed! His private sessions are a game changer. Your life will not be the same afterwards. You will walk away wondering, "If only I had met him sooner..."'

~Susan Amelia, NYC ~

"It doesn't matter if you are novice or seasoned Astrologer - you are in for a treat in Monty's class! His extraordinary ability to easily communicate complex material trough mythology is very unique and powerful! His class has given me the ability to see Astrology in a more scientific way with practical applications in every day life as opposed to seeing it as a fortune telling enterprise. Can't wait for another class. BTW his readings are mind-blowing!"

~ Erdan, NY ~

"Monty Taylor is a truly unique astrologer, teacher and intuitive. He effortlessly weaves together vast knowledge, a great sense of humor and his trademark charm into classes and personal sessions that consistently uplift the mind and spirit."

~T.C., NYC ~

monty taylorMontgomery 'Monty' Taylor is a prominent international astrologer based in New York City, formerly at ARAS division of the Jung Institute, known for customized personal readings. He incorporates a broad view of psyche and psychology, rooted in the archetypal symbolism introduced by Jung and Campbell. He now brings the Edgar Cayce readings as a reinforcement to transform modern astrology with this information that came forth almost 100 years ago, and the conviction that the world is now ready for Cayce's insight. Taylor is known for his lectures at the United Nations Enlightenment Society (UNSRC), and his international radio show on

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