Explore Divine Love as a Living Force in Your Quantum Field with Susan G. Chamberlain

Explore Divine Love as a Living Force in Your Quantum Field with Susan G. Chamberlain

May 02, 2018 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

How is the essence of Divine Love’s rich entanglement expressing itself in your Auric field and consciousness? How is your Soul’s magnificence, Merkaba and Divine DNA pulled into the Divine Love Vortex? And how does this affect your everyday life? What forces are alive in your consciousness field?

Take a journey with Master Intuitive Quantum Healer, Mystic, Teacher and Author, Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD, as she explains the journey of Divine Love and it’s living activity in your consciousness field.

She’ll address:

  • how your feelings are a living force magnet in your Divine field
  • what your Merkaba is, where it comes from, and its Divine function in your multidimensional field
  • the Law of Magnetic Attraction and the Law of Increase and how they both affect your Divine Love consciousness
  • the role of your Divine DNA and what power it contributes to your Divine Love connection
  • the relationship your Divine DNA has with your Quantum Consciousness Field
  • how what you feel and think causes reactions in your living Merkaba Quantum field
  • the power of compassion and how it generates Love magnets in your living consciousness field.

You must become an active participant in the Divine Love field to power up its magnetics, as this is very much a living participatory universe!

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susan g chamberlainSUSAN G. CHAMBERLAIN, PhD is a Mystic, Master Intuitive Quantum Healer, Teacher, Coach, and Author (“Holy Quotes from Heaven’s Holy Notes: A 365 Day Inspirational Book”). She is a Monk in Spirit of Peace Monastic Community & an Ordained Minister in Celebrating Life Ministries for over 15 years. Susan is also Holistic Practitioner, PhD and President of “Spiritual Holistic Services”. An International Published Article Writer for “Luminous Women” a Spiritual magazine. She is the Host, Director and Producer of “Spirituality Plus," a local Staten Island Community Cable Television show, and runs “Quantum Consciousness” Retreats in Kunkletown, PA. Susan does Psychic Fairs, Healing Fairs and Workshops at Edgar Cayce Center NYC, where she is a Founding Member. susangchamberlain.com

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