CAYCE Psychic Fair

CAYCE Psychic Fair

October 14, 2017 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

Experience psychic, intuitive and mediumship readings and sessions by the Center’s wellness providers, teachers and friends. Find out why we believe this is NYC’s most enlightened psychic fair:

Admission is free, and all 20-minute sessions are only $30 each (less than similar NYC fairs).

All services are donated by our Center’s talented Wellness Practitioners, teachers and friends to benefit the non-profit Association for Research & Enlightenment of NY. We are truly grateful for their service from the heart… and soul!

Free workshops feature presentations by the Center’s “Lightworkers,” respected teachers and practitioners of body-mind-spirit enlightenment.

Those donating services do so from a place of integrity and a sincere desire to provide the highest and best guidance, inspired by the life and work of Edgar Cayce.

Come and enjoy the wonderful energies at our Fairs… bring friends and meet kindred spirits!

Leave with new insights into your past, present and future.

Proceeds benefit the non-profit NYC Edgar Cayce organization. Another reason we believe this is NYC's most enlightened psychic fair. Come and enjoy the wonderful energies at our Fairs... bring friends and meet kindred spirits!

For energy and alternative healing mini-sessions, come to our new quarterly Cayce Healing & Wellness Fairs.

For a complete list of services and workshops scheduled for each Fair, check the website a few days before, subscribe to our weekly e-news update, or call us a couple of days prior to the event.

Services Available at This Saturday’s Fair

***Services and schedule subject to change. Check when you arrive at the Fair for the latest. Offered on a first come, first served basis.***

From 1 to 4 pm:

  • Bryn Durham, Psychic Medium Readings
  • Catherine Marks, Psychic Medium Readings
  • Julie Ulrich, Intuitive Animal Communicator
  • Perry Foster, Psychic Medium Readings
  • Phoebe Hoffman, Animal and Human Intuitive Readings
  • Sharonah Rapseik, Angel/Tarot Readings

From 4 to 7 pm:

  • Angela Theresa, Psychic Intuitive Readings
  • Catherine Marks, Psychic Medium Readings
  • Catherine Outeiral, Intuitive Angel Card Readings (5-7 pm)
  • Joan Carra, Psychic Medium Readings
  • Katherine Mylenki, Intuitive Card Readings/Dream Interpretation
  • Martha Lamas, Intuitive Tarot Readings

FREE Workshops at the Fair:
***Presenters and schedule subject to change. Check when you arrive at the Fair for the latest.***

  • 1-1:55 pm: Ask Your Guides
    Sharonah Rapseik, PhD.

    Manifest your dreams by enlisting the guidance of your angels, spirit guides, ancestors and nature spirits. Sharonah, a multi-talented holistic Center Practitioner and volunteer, shows you how.
  • 2-2:55 pm: Clearing Cellular Memories with the Healing Angels of IET
    Rev. Charles Julian, D.C.

    An Integrated Energy Therapist (IET) helps you experience the healing angels of the energy field. These specialized angels clear negative memories on a cellular level. Feel their presence as they bring you out of living in the past into finding your soul's mission now. (Coming in Nov: IET Certification training.)
  • 3-3:55 pm: Autumn Wellness
    Letha Hadady

    Autumn’s cool dry weather and shorter days can be beautiful… and a challenge as well. Experience a presentation on delicious foods and other natural approaches from Cayce, herbal, Chinese and Ayurvedic sources on staying healthy during this season of mellow mists.
  • 4-4:55 pm: Mastering Your Personal Energies
    Martin Azambuya of IAC

    Join an International Academy of Consciousness instructor for an introduction to mastering your personal energies, extrasensory perception and the out-of-body experience–a powerful tool for self-transformation, self discovery and wellness.
  • 5-5:55 pm: Ancestral Clearing
    Monica Kerr

    Trained in Ancestral Clearing by John Newton, Monica will show you how to connect with your body through sensations allowing the release of ancestral patterns that may be limiting full expression, revealing the authenticity of your soul.
  • 6:00-6:55 PM: YOU Are An Intuitive Tarot Reader!
    Sylvia Chappell

    See how easily you can tap your soul's intuitive wisdom to obtain the highest and best guidance for yourself and others. Come with an open mind and a playful spirit. Leave with new insights. Register for Sylvia's Intuitive Tarot course (starts Oct. 16) by Oct. 14, receive a FREE 20-minute tarot reading ($30 value)!

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