Brazilian Spiritual Healing with Tania Stewart

Brazilian Spiritual Healing with Tania Stewart

December 02, 2017 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Subud Center, New York

Due to popular demand, these events (Wednesday, Nov 29 and Saturday, Dec 2) will be held at the spacious Subud Center, located at 230 W 29 St, New York, NY. Early registration strongly encouraged!

For many years, Brazil has captivated our imagination with stories of fantastic healings and spiritual phenomena. Now you can experience a part of this cultural and spiritual tradition in New York! Similar to John of God, Tania Stewart is able to demonstrate a type of trance mediumship that is very rare in the United States—the channeling of spirits for the purpose of healing.

Over the last six years, Tania and her husband, Greg Stewart, working together as Brazilian Spiritual Healing, have attended more than 7000 people throughout the United States and Brazil. There are numerous spirits that participate with Brazilian Spiritual Healing, including some spirits that work with John of God’s ‘Casa’ in Brazil. Tania’s work is of a spiritual and religious nature, yet non-denominational and open to all beliefs.

These healing events will open with a brief introduction and spiritual talk, followed by prayer and meditation to help raise what is often referred to in Brazil as “current.” Sitting in current can often help with physical and emotional healing as well as spiritual development. After prayer and meditation, trance mediumship and hands-on healing will be demonstrated by Tania, offering individuals an opportunity to continue to sit in current, as well as receive individual and group healings. You are welcome to attend all 3 events because the effects from energetic healing often multiply over time.

Brazilian Spiritual Healing’s previous events in New York City sold out, so we recommend registering early!

When attending this event, please remember:

  • To bring bottled water as it becomes magnetized by the energy of the current
  • To wear comfortable attire; white clothing is suggested but not mandatory
  • To bring a photo of anyone you wish to help heal.

All Private Sessions with Tania have been booked, however, there is a waiting list. For more information, please contact Maria Pacca at 917-293-4179 or via e-mail at:

$55, Members save 15%: $47
You are welcome to register at the door on the day of the event - but in order to expedite the process, we kindly ask that payments be made in cash - exact if possible ($55 per event for non-members and $47 for ARE members). We also kindly ask that you please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early so the event can start on time.

tania stewartTANIA STEWART is a natural-born medium from Brazil, and has offered her service as an unconscious trance medium since childhood. In 2005, Tania was healed of a severely broken back at John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio and remained there for one year, assisting the renowned healer with his spiritual work. Tania practices Holistic Spiritual Therapy®, her own unique service that is a result of over twenty years of study and practice as a Spiritual Counselor, Alternative Healer and Phyto Energetic Therapist.

E-Mail: info@brazilianspiritualhealing.orgWeb:

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