Atlantis Rising: Lessons and Guidance from Edgar Cayce’s Readings with Joseph Gargano

Atlantis Rising: Lessons and Guidance from Edgar Cayce’s Readings with Joseph Gargano

January 28, 2018 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

Edgar Cayce and the Evolution of Consciousness Weekend Conference
Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28

An Interactive Presentation with Joseph Gargano

Today it often seems like we live in a culture of war, natural and other disasters, predation, crumbling institutions, defoliation, pollution and nuclear threats. Are these events and causes modern reflections of the Atlantean times described in the Cayce Readings? Should we view the parallels here as portending things come?

In Edgar Cayce’s nearly 700 Life Readings on incarnations in Atlantis, he gave startling accounts of how each recipient was influenced by those experiences in his or her present life. Many of those who had several incarnations in Atlantis were returning in the last century, and particularly in America. Why were they returning? What roles were they to now play in averting a repetition of those upheavals in the Atlantean lands?

In this gathering, Joseph will share guidance gleaned from the Cayce Readings to help us move through the coming earth changes towards an evolved, higher consciousness—only this time with peace, wisdom, prosperity and harmony instead of further chaos, violence, poverty and planetary destruction.

The presentation will be followed by an Open Forum and Q & A.

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joseph gargano ying yang symbolJoseph Gargano is a Metaphysician –a lecturer, writer, speaker, channel and a medium with a concentration in the After Life, Transition Awareness and Healing, and the study of the evolution of the collective human consciousness. Complimenting this metaphysical work, Joseph – who is a long-term student of the Cayce Work and a former practitioner in the law –– is the pro bono, volunteer attorney for the New York City ARE.

Joseph also acts as a metaphysical event producer and moderator, and counsels and guides creative and other artists in the fields of music, literary works, film and related media – instilling and awakening a spiritual awareness of creative intelligence and higher consciousness in the Arts.

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