Ancient Tibetan Bon Healing with Anton Baraschi

Ancient Tibetan Bon Healing with Anton Baraschi

July 21, 2017 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

In 2008 Chongtul Rinpoche, a high Tibetan Bon Lama, gave for the first time in the West the Tse Dup Yang Bod Teaching (“Tse” = Life Force, “Dup” = Intensity, “Yang” = Energetic essence of soul, life force and 5 elements; “Bod” = to retrieve through respectful practice). This teaching was based on a 7th century text by Lama Tse Wang Rigzin and is considered by some scholars as the origin of what became Reiki. Anton participated in this 5-year-long teaching graduating as a Drup Shen Pa (practitioner) and Lopon (teacher with Tibetan practice name of Monlam Gyalwa – Prayer Victorious). After describing the teaching essence, modality and practice of this rare energetic modality, Anton will lead the class in the experience of the Long-Life Mantra, the practicing of which is considered to prolong life and restore health to the practitioner.

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anton baraschi

ANTON BARASCHI is a bioenergy specialist, teaching and practicing bioenergy healing (aka medical qigong) in Manhattan, with a focus on integrating multiple bioenergy healing modalities in supporting the work of medical professionals. Bioenergy healing stimulates a person's own immune system with emphasis on the condition diagnosed by the doctor. Bioenergy healing is considered helpful in alleviating pain, chronic conditions and symptoms without a particular diagnosis, and for spiritual development.

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