Akashic Records Level 1 Workshop With Maureen St. Germain

Akashic Records Level 1 Workshop With Maureen St. Germain

December 02, 2017 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

Weekend Workshop: Sat, December 2 & Sun, December 3; 10 am - 6 pm

Maureen's Akashic Records Level 1 workshop helps you raise your self-awareness to a better understanding of you, your optimal choices and the world around you. Accessing your Akashic Records leads you to discover your soul's purpose and gives you a jump-start on any spiritual work you may be doing in this lifetime.

When you learn how to open the Akashic Records, you can shed light on who you really are, what you are doing and where you are going. Consult your records to make good business, relationship and personal decisions.

While working with the guides and record librarians you can get completely accurate information. You will feel the love and appreciation the Record Keepers and guides have for you, along with their deep compassion for the human spirit. They know you, who you are and what you can't see and what you can be!

They have information that can help you with your business, family, relationships and soul's purpose. They know what you truly desire. Experience the beauty, symmetry and order of the universe while in the Records. Learning to open your own records is the first step in opening those of your friends and family. If you are a seeker choosing to understand the world around you and to make rapid progress in your evolution, you are meant to learn to open your Akashic Records.

Price: $499 Save 15% ($75) as an ARE member: $424
Register at maureenstgermain.com using Member Discount Code ARE15 at checkout.

Register by Nov 29 and receive Maureen’s Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality and Beyond the Flower of Life books–required reading for Akashic Level II.
Preregistration is strongly advised. A minimum of 5 participants by Wed, 11/29 is required to ensure the workshop is held.

Not a Member? No worries! Register for Maureen's workshop now using the $75 off discount code and be sure to purchase a Membership before the workshop begins on Saturday. Or call (212) 691-7690 during regular Center hours (M-W-F 1-9 pm, Tu-Th 9 am-9 pm, Sa-Su 12-5 pm) to become a Member.

NOTE: Register for Maureen's workshop only on her website maureenstgermain.com

PHONE-IN EVENT with Maureen St. Germain on Tuesday, November 28, at 7 PM EST

Learn what opening your records is all about and why so many people are taking this opportunity to get help from beyond the physical realm!

Find out what Maureen will teach in her December 2-3 “Learn How to Read Your Akashic Records” weekend workshop live at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center.

Call hosted by Sylvia Chappell. Phone in to ask questions and get answers.

Phone Number: (425) 440-5010
Enter Code: 220840#
To attend via web, visit: http://iTeleseminar.com/98821389

maureen st germainMAUREEN ST. GERMAIN's lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years.

Widely known for her Amazon.com best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation and research on ancient truths. Labeled a modern-day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, Maureen is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed transformational teacher, author and Akashic Records Guide.

Insightful, compassionate, entertaining and funny, her primary focus is developing tools to support individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening through Trainings, Akashic Records, Sacred Journeys, guided meditation CDs, AroMandalas essential oils aromatherapy and books. For more info, www.maureenstgermain.com.

Akashic Records Workshop Testimonials

A recent level I graduate called me with this report. Our practice is to take your own guidance first from your Higher Self, and then open up the Akashic Records and ask the identical question to see the results and the difference.

She asked the question, "I would like to know when I need to know about my daughter that would be useful or helpful." This is a mom whose relationship with her adult daughter, who still lives at home, has been troublesome. This daughter is old enough to be out on her own, but has not moved out and can be highly critical of her mother. Although she loves her daughter very much, she would like her to spread her wings a little.

My higher self gave me the answer, "be patient and loving." When I asked the Akashic Records, I actually started crying, "give her space, to believe in her light, only expect the best in from her, to love her unconditionally and know that she is always there for you, and put yourself in her position and to let her grow on her own terms." I couldn't believe it Maureen, the words just were flowing out of me, I started crying it was so incredible. I'm so happy I took this class. Maureen I love you!

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