From Surviving to Thriving—the Edgar Cayce Way

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Peter Woodbury is a man in demand!

peter woodbury outsideA psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, regressionist, spiritual tour leader, writer, professor and lecturer, Peter is on the staff of both the national A.R.E. and Atlantic University, where he teaches hypnosis, regression, and life coaching.

Peter travels around the world teaching about the work of Edgar Cayce. I managed to interview him by phone as he was driving to Johnsonville, TN to speak about The Amazing Potentials of this Aquarian Age at a “Coptic Conference” there. This fall, besides teaching his Life Coaching Course at our NY Center, Peter will present programs in Houston, TX; Woburn, MA; Fairfax, VA; Westfield NJ; and for the national A.R.E. in Virginia Beach—as well as teaching a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Certification course and a Past Life Regression Advanced Intensive at the national A.R.E.

Who is Peter Woodbury?

Peter seems to have been born straddling the boundaries of a number of worlds—both philosophically and geographically.

“Both my parents were psychiatrists and Catholics,” Peter said. “And both had an interest in metaphysics.” His great-grandmother was a medium. She was 100 when Peter was born and lived to be 107.

Peter’s mom was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His father was born and raised in France—and Peter, born in D.C., was raised in Maryland, Switzerland, Paris, Boston, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. He grew up trilingual and multicultural. (These qualities make him a “natural” as a tour guide. He has led A.R.E. tours to Peru, Egypt, India, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Easter Island and Brazil.) Peter says he has “Every ethnicity—89% European, also Native American, Asian and African. He has always felt himself to be a “bridge person.”

He also seems to have been born to be a counselor. Already working as a counseling paraprofessional when he graduated from Boston University School of Social Work in 1991, he started with child psychotherapy, then moved to working with adults. He was an Adjunct Professor at the Boston U. School of Social Work, Counseling Dept. for three years, helping students incorporate their fieldwork experiences into actual practice.

The Cayce Connection

woman in exultant prayerWhen Peter was in college, his uncle asked him what he, a psych major, thought of Edgar Cayce. Unfamiliar with Cayce, Peter did a little research on him then—but it was later, in his thirties, that he attended a lecture by Harmon Bro (author of the Cayce biography, A Seer Out of Season), that re-awakened his interests. Peter began to read about Cayce in depth. By then he had developed an interest in Eastern religions and he found in the Cayce material, a synthesis of his Catholic upbringing with Eastern concepts.

He read Thomas Sugrue’s biography of Cayce, There Is a River—and found a post-card in the back of the book, showing that the A.R.E. still existed. Quickly becoming a member, he was invited to a New Members meeting. Peter was hooked. He joined an A Search For God spiritual growth group, started attending conferences at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, and—when he got a raise—going on A.R.E. Tours. In 2002, he took a year off and moved to Virginia Beach.

In addition to his many other projects, Peter is now on staff at the national A.R.E. doing Survey Lecturer training and scheduling.

Peter maintains a private psychotherapy practice and has added to his therapeutic skills (and incorporated the concept of reincarnation) by studying hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips and Dan Brown, PhD.

Holistic Life Coaching

peter woodbury2Asked how Life Coaching differs from psychotherapy, Peter says, “Life Coaching is unregulated. In a way, that’s good news because there’s room for a lot of creativity. There are no rigid protocols. But with the lack of regulation, you can also get into trouble.” For this reason, Peter incorporates elements from counseling into his Life Coaching program. One such element is supervision. He does training for both Life Coaches and Supervisors. Life Coaches can opt for regularly scheduled or as-needed supervision, Peter explains. “It’s always good to have a resource person.”

How else does Peter’s Life Coaching program differ from other such programs?

“It takes the practical wisdom of Edgar Cayce as presented in A Search For God and puts it into a life coaching model,” Peter explains. “Each client session starts with meditation. The first session is often setting a five year plan and creating suggestions to help program the mind. We create a recording of the suggestions. Using suggestion and the subconscious mind helps to move through mental traffic much quicker. We incorporate dream work and dream interpretation.”

“The soul is seeking expression,” Peter adds. “Methods like meditation and dream work help a client to awaken to what were their pre-life choices. We usually focus on patterns—how pre-life patterns play out in childhood and then adulthood. Souls set up the childhood experience to be a model of the past life experience. This is about pattern recognition and about changing your patterns.

Peter’s coaching model also involves work with Ideals (see p.12 for more on Edgar Cayce’s concept of Ideals) and attention to heath, diet and exercise—getting the body attuned for what the soul wants to express. “Our focus is on the purpose and meaning of life,” says Peter.

“Each of us has our own ‘super power,’” he adds. “It might be intuition or you might be a Past Life Regressionist, or maybe you know about health and diet or whatever... Part of the process is to identify your superpower and create a logo.” This gives students permission to realize that everything they’ve learned and experienced in life, even the challenging parts, becomes a connection point for helping others.

Also part of Peter’s coaching model is an emphasis on working with forgiveness (with the understanding that it is a process) and on healing from shame. “Shame is what keeps the prodigal son from returning home,” Peter says. “Shame is the negative side. The positive side is humility. The work is to transform shame into humility.”

Peter’s intention is that this program will meet students where they are—whether they are beginners or already have a counseling practice; whether they are seeking a Life Coaching career or are taking the course for personal development; and whether or not they have a connection to the Cayce work.

Our world needs bridges. Bridging languages and cultures, East and West, science and spirituality, the Cayce wisdom and traditional counseling/coaching methods....bridging from shame to humility, from broken-ness to Oneness...No wonder a bridge person like Peter is in demand!

See Peter's program page or call the Center at 212-691-7690 for more information about the course curriculum.