Linda Sugrue Mellor has shared past-life dreams or visions of lives in Atlantis, in ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece, as well as a lifetime on the American frontier. Now she shares:

jesus on the crossJerusalem—A Sojourn with the Master

This dream-vision of my Jerusalem sojourn came to me as one  lifetime  but  with  scenes  from two  different chronological ages. In the first part I was a child of five, a little girl. I had long light brown, curly hair—the top tied back with a piece of ribbon. I was wearing a light tunic dress with a slightly shorter vest or mantle over it....  I see myself walking along a shaded foot path that runs a few feel lower and parallel to a road. I’m playing near where I live. The sun peeks through the leaves of the  trees  that  overhang  the  path,  making  a  pattern  of light spots that dance on the ground. I’m trying to capture the darting sun spots under my feet.

I sense a presence, I look up and there He is, Jesus, at about the age of eighteen. White light radiates from Him without  distorting His countenance. It’s  His aura I’m seeing. I know Him; I feel I’m related to Him. I see myself running to Him. He kneels down with arms wide open to embrace me. Jesus lifts me up,  laughing, and blesses me.  

Jesus tells me He’s returned from a journey but is leaving for another extended trip shortly. I’m disappointed but happy He’s with me at this time. He really loves all us children. It’s unbelievable the all-encompassing love I feel from Him. I will miss Him so when He must leave.

Leaping ahead years later, I’m nineteen years old in the city of Jerusalem shortly after His crucifixion. Now I’m a follower-helper of Saint Peter. I’m dressed in a plain beige linen dress. The day is hot and dry. My hair is plaited and wrapped around the crown of my head. I’ve covered my head with a light weight strip of cloth for modesty’s sake.
I find myself in the lower poor section of Jerusalem. I’m working as a teacher with  the  fatherless and orphans. There are two or three  other young  women working with me, all followers of Jesus through Saint Peter. The groups of children we instruct are very young, ages four to six or seven. Tables are set up for eating and activities under a long narrow tent along the side of the road. Food and supplies for the children are quietly donated by fellow Judeo-Christian believers in God’s work. We wash the children first and give them something to eat. I’m teaching them their alphabet and how to read.

The Romans are watching. A young man about twenty-one years of age is amongst them. He has newly arrived with an air of authority. He wears a black tunic with a silver breast plate. His rank is not that of an ordinary soldier but possibly a centurion or a son of nobility. His complexion is paler than the soldiers he’s with, he is clean shaven, and his hair is short, black and curly. He’s come to gather information about the growing number of Christians.  

Time takes a short jump ahead in this dream-vision and I find myself in Rome. As time passed, the young centurion  or  nobleman  wanted  to  possess  or  enslave  me.  I refused his advances and that, in turn, provoked him to revealing my stance as a Christian to the authorities—which caused my capture. I was tried and crucified in the typical  Roman fashion for my beliefs and for spreading the gospel. The cross I was nailed to was just south of Rome along the Appian Way. It is a very slow and extremely painful way to die, of which I’ll spare you  the  horrifying  details. Death takes me and I see Jesus in spirit helping me down from my cross while my accuser in the physical world witnesses my demise. His body reels as he realizes he’s made a grievous mistake... (I’m pursued by him again in another sojourn, but that’s another story to be told).

From John 20:29 (KJV) “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou  hast  believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

A crucial lesson I learned in this lifetime was to stand up for my belief in Jesus no  matter what the  price. Knowing that I have known him in the past, he has visited me in my dream-visions in this lifetime and I strongly believe I will walk with him again in the future—all this brings me great strength and comfort, no matter what life throws my way.  

linda sugrue mellorLinda Sugrue Mellor is a longtime student of the Cayce Readings and the Bible. Her past life recollections continue in other issues of The Open Door.