monica kerrMonica Gauvry Kerr is a licensed spiritual healer/coach who provides guidance through her unique intuitive energy work, bringing balance with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, and detoxifying with Ionic Footbaths.  Monica is a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist; a healing method using therapeutic essential oils, that enables to restore balance where the body begins to heal itself. Monica is also a Certified Ancestral Clearing practitioner. This is the profound work as taught by John Newton, where receiver is guided to connect with their Divine Intelligence through body sensations, revealing images or traumas, clearing ancestral patterns that may be holding one back from the full expression of one's authentic self. Once the experience, trauma, patterns are forgiven, through a Sacred Petition or Prayer, space is created to fully experience a more purposeful and blissful life while restoring meaningful connections with others and Spirit. All modalities offered by Monica bring clarity, better sleep and an awareness that helps with transitions and daily stress.

Ancestral Clearing - 1 hour $90
Connect with the body’s intelligence through sensations and Sacred Petitions allowing the release of ancestral patterns that may be limiting our full expression, reveal-ing the authenticity of the self and freedom of the soul. Distance/remote appointments offered.

Crystal Pyramid Attunement - $60
The intelligence of the crystal, downloads information at an energetic level to raise your awareness and frequencies.

Raindrop Technique (humans and pets) 1 hour $120
Specific healing essential oils are dropped on the spine and a light feather touch, along with muscle stimulation, and moist heat are used to restore your body’s ability to bring deep healing, while balancing your body, mind, spirit and emotions at a cellular level.

Emotional Release - $100
It is believed that Dis-ease usually begins with an emotion linked to a traumatic event. With gentle guidance and the use of specific essential oils you are assisted in the release of any negative emotion that may be holding you back from a blissful life.

Spiritual Healing /Coaching -1 hour $90
Healing guided from the Divine, enabling the clearing of energy blockages to assist your body to return to bal-ance. Distance /remote healings also available.

Ionic Detoxifying Foot Spa (include aromatherapy) - 1 hour $50
Provide a safe and effective way of quickly releasing large amounts of toxins from the body while quickly re-newing your vitality and ability to cope with daily stress. Improves immune function & sleep, reduces inflamma-tion, relief from allergies and joint pain, removes heavy metals, and many more benefits.

Essential Oil Consultation - Free*
*with Purchase of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil;$1 per minute without purchase.

For appointments please call: Monica Gauvry Kerr at (914) 419-2631
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Licensed Spiritual Healer/Coach, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Certified Ancestral Clearing Practitioner
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