auragraph workshop with lin hunterAn auragraph is a psychic portrayal of a person’s life and spiritual path. Through sensing the layers of the “sitter’s” aura—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—the psychic use symbols, colors, numbers, and energetic movement of line to create a graphic representation that tells a story about the subject’s life, past, present and potential future.

Since each person is an individual with free will, no two auragraphs are alike. People, places, animals or meaningful symbols may often appear in the image. Each element, placement, and frequency of appearance has special meaning.

Once the graphic representation is completed, the auragraph is “read” to the subject. An auragraph session is empathic in nature, so the reading may be deeply personal. However, it usually sheds light on or gives clarity to life challenges and obstacles, and leaves the recipient with healing, understanding and possible steps for the future.

Though they are often drawn, there are many other ways to create an auragraph. No real artistic “talent” is needed. During the workshop you will intuitively discover your own way to render the image. 

Because they are created by hand, specially for a specific individual, auragraphs make excellent holiday gifts. Attend this workshop and learn to create a holiday “gift of a lifetime.” 

Date: Saturday, November 10
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: 3929 Studios, 39 W. 29th Street, New York, NY
Fee: $75 per person

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