elizabeth tomboulian3 Quantum Energetics & Sound Energy Healer and Craniosacral Therapist

As a Quantum Energetics Structured Therapist, Elizabeth Tomboulian practices energy medicine, working to support healing from medical diagnosis energetically by addressing subtle energy systems. I am not a medical doctor, massage therapist, or body worker. Suggestions regarding supplements are not approved by the FDA. The responsibility for health and healing choices belongs to each individual. Nothing I say or do is a substitute for medical advice, treatment, Doctor-prescribed therapy, or medication.

"When I broke a bone my foot a few years ago and the doctor was talking about major surgery involving pins and a healing time of 6 months,  I had several sessions with Elizabeth and was able to avoid surgery, and today my foot is just fine!  Her treatments, which are hands on and very specific to a set of principles, are very relaxing and supportive of healing."

Jane Cross, Advertising Writer/Consultant, NYC

Call 201-679-5049 to schedule. See Quantumstarsong.com.

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