bookstore atomic iodineAccording to the Edgar Cayce readings, the glandular system in our body serves as the physical point of contact between our nervous system and our “spiritual body.” There are seven glands (adrenal, gonads, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, pineal) that correspond to the seven “chakras” or energy centers of our spiritual body. Balancing them keeps both the physical and spiritual bodies in optimum health.
Cayce’s readings recommended iodine in the form of ATOMIDINE* as a remedy for glandular balancing and coordination: “most glands function as machinery would under oil. The iodine being the oil for the gland, see?” (294-130)
“This [Atomidine] will not only be a curative property, but a preventative… especially for any form of disorder in glands or tissue of body” (358-2)
The Atomidine—that is activative in the glands, especially the thyroid, the adrenal and all the ductless activities through the atomic forces in iodine, the one basic force with potash—makes for a balance throughout the functionings of the body itself (636-1).

Our Cayce Center store is NYC’s leading source for Baar Products, Official Worldwide Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care.  Their Atomic Iodine™ is the world's only electrified and stable non-toxic aqueous form of iodine that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state. Atomic Iodine was developed by Dr. Sunkar A. Bissey in the 1920's. His product was used for goiter, malaria, hypothyroidism and other health issues. Iodine in the nascent state is thought to be better absorbed by the body.
Cayce suggested electrifying the product. This process of electrifying was developed and perfected by Dr. Bruce Baar in the 1980's. Dr. Baar's unique process not only includes electrification but also includes a proprietary blend of herbs from the Bissey formula. Read more about this formula here:

*Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing notes that:  Users of Atomidine are cautioned that when used internally it can be harmful if taken in large doses, and it is particularly contraindicated in cases where it might excessively stimulate the heart. Too much iodine can lead to overstimulation of the thyroid gland, resulting in nervousness, insomnia, and skin rash, as well as rapid heartbeat.