By Antot Masuka

cosmos-astrology-the-selfFor over 40 years, Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945) gave psychic readings to thousands while in an unconscious state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing past lives and prophecies of events yet to come — but few know that the Cayce source had much to say about astrology and Cayce gave many readings on the subject. There are nearly 8,000 indexed references regarding astrology in the Cayce readings.

Cayce, the astrologer, used his clairvoyant skills to give horoscope readings without drawing up any astrology charts. He not only correctly delineated the positions of the planets and houses, he sometimes corrected the birth time provided by the querent.

Cayce referred to the planet Vulcan, identified with Pluto, before Pluto was discovered in 1930. In his astrological consultations, Cayce referred to a yet unknown planet named Septimus and to chart influences from stars and constellations outside the Zodiac such as Polaris and Canus Major. In this regard, Cayce drew from a library of ancient knowledge to which few have access today.

The Cayce source believed that the Sidereal Zodiac was more accurate than the Tropical Zodiac used in the West. Reading 3376 - 2 states: “Though oft they are correct, more often ye find them at variance. For most astrologers are nearly 30 degrees off in the reckoning in the present.”

In a reading Cayce gave to a woman whom he said was an astrologer in ancient Egypt, he stated: “The Egyptian and Persian records are quite varied. If the entity would study astrology, do not put the signs in the Egyptian but rather in the Persian, for the Persian interpretations are more proficient than the Egyptian. The variations in time (due to precession) have been corrected by the Persians and not by the Egyptians. The Egyptian calculations are 30 degrees off.” (Reading 2011-3)

Known as: “The Sleeping Prophet,” the father of holistic medicine and the most documented psychic of the 20th Century, Edgar Cayce supported the idea of an eternal universe, saying, “... though there may be worlds, many universes, even much as to solar systems, greater than our own that we enjoy in the present, this earthly experience on this earth is a mere speck when considered even with our own solar system. Yet the soul of man, thy soul, encompasses all in this solar system, or in others...” (Reading 5755-2)

What does an eternal universe have to do with astrology? A lot! Cayce’s views on astrology were not limited to the planets in our solar system. They are cosmic, eternal, and they show humanity’s relationship with not just the planets and the stars but with the entire universe. For Cayce, man was made greater and more powerful than the planets and the stars for only he is allowed to defy his God. According to Cayce, through free will man may move the planets and the stars. In this regard, we have the power to literally change outcomes or conditions indicated by our natal chart. Only from Cayce will you hear such bold views on astrology. They do not exist in other astrological schools of thought.

Cayce stated that souls inhabit different realms between their lifetimes on earth, each of which can be correlated to one of the classical seven planets or a star, and that the natal chart shows the planet or star from which the soul "took flight" before entering the earth plane. A method for determining that planet is to compare the Sun
and the Moon. Whichever is stronger by exaltation (closest to its degree of highest exaltation), we look to the decanate where it is located. The ruler of that decanate, is the planet from which the soul took flight to earth. (See chart on page 6.)

Knowing the planet of previous incarnation gives information on the basic characteristics and traits that the individual would bring to this incarnation. This helps one to better know self. Through self-knowledge man is more able to direct his own path and destiny, becoming co-creator with the creative forces.


Cayce’s readings on astrology provide useful information on past lives. Many of the people for whom Cayce gave readings had past lives in Egypt, Atlantis and other civilizations in human history. Astrologer Ry Redd, author of Toward a New Astrology, made an extensive study of past lives using the Cayce Readings.

Cayce readings gave specific information on the planets and the signs of the Zodiac. For example, in a reading with respect to Jupiter he said, “In Jupiter we find one having a great influence upon the lives, the experiences of others – by choices made by the entity..” (Reading 2834-1)

Another reading stated, “The influence of Mars is rather that of wrath, war, might, main, domineering, dominating...” (Reading: 417-1)

“For, as has been indicated, the characteristics, or that attained by an individual, are indicated by the sign under which the entity enters an appearance.” (Reading: 5746-1)

Cayce’s readings went beyond the planets of our solar system to show us the hidden dimension of the universe in a way that relates directly to the cosmos and the self:
“Yet there are many suns in the universe – those even about which our sun, our earth, revolve; and all are moving toward some place –yet space and time appear to be incomplete!” (Reading 5757-1)

"Our solar system was created for humankind’s evolution. Yet the soul of man, your soul, encompasses all in this solar system, or in others... Man alone is given that birthright of free will. He alone may defy his God." (Readings 5755-2, 2794-3 and 5757-1)

Cayce believed that rather than the stars ruling the life, the life should rule the stars. This puts the individual at the center of his universe and puts the responsibility squarely on him and not on the astrologer, the natal chart or the stars. It supports the view in modern astrology that the planets impel, they do not compel. Through the exercise of his free will, man is endowed with the power to literally change the cosmic blueprint of his life as might be prognosticated by the stars and the planets.

Astrology provides useful information to guide and determine the nature and timing of things as shown in an individual's natal chart. However, the primary purpose of a Cayce-based astrology reading is to “know thyself” for the purpose of soul growth, development and evolution.

For Man was created a little bit higher than the whole universe, and is capable of harnessing, directing, enforcing, the laws of the universe. The soul is eternal and lives on. It has a consciousness and awareness of that which it has built. Each entity is a universe within its own self. The body is a pattern, it is an “ensample” of all the forces of the universe. For man is not made for this world alone. (Readings 5-2, 2620-2, 279-15, 2153-6, 4082-1)

According to Cayce, “..No action of any planet or the phases of the Sun, the Moon or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of man’s will power. Just as in the Earth it is known as three dimensions, yet man may think in an eight-dimensional consciousness.” (Readings 3744-4 and 3037-1)

In the view of the Cayce source, our humanity is not the final form of the human being or kingdom, but a preparation for the future state, just as the man of the past was a preparation for the man of today.

“For there is no death, only the transition from the physical to the spiritual.” (Reading 136-33) “Life is continuous and infinite!” according to Reading 1554-2.

Cayce believed that astrology is a fact in most instances, but that astrological aspects are but signs and symbols useful in understanding the road map of one's life. Use such as stepping stones only, not as definite statements of what is or is not. Use it as a guide, to gain wisdom and to understand the broader aspects of the influences and modus operandi of one's life and existence in this earth plane. Cayce stresses that we should not let astrological aspects and information become an obsession or stumbling block. One must not become an addict or believe there are no other options, solutions or alternatives for handling or dealing with a situation or problem than those described or indicated by the astrology chart.

When asked whether it would be helpful to study astrology to understand the effects of the stars and the planets, Cayce responded, “when studied aright, [it is] very, very, very much so.” (Readings 815-6 and 3744-4)


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