bioenergy healers group
The A.R.E. of NY Bioenergy Healers’ Group, L to R: Doug Grant, Amelia Darcy, Nilaga Gordon, Anton Baraschi, John Kourkoutis,Peter Dhanraj, Erdan Bajrovic, Paul Yli-Tainio.  
Group members not pictured include: Violeta Berniczky, Tamara Berman, Maria Pacca, Karen Nilsa Rossi, Dorota Skubis, Mark Leslie, Miwako Decibus.

“I've always had a feeling of great compassion for humanity, combined with a strong wish that I could alleviate suffering—especially of those who are deformed in some way because of broken limbs. After reading about reincarnation and inspecting my own feelings (I'm greatly affected whenever I see someone in this condition) I surmise that I might have had a life as a deformed person: an experience which left me with deep empathy.”                      
—Doug Grant

Though each individual’s reasons for being drawn to the group are unique, the A.R.E. of NY Bioenergy Healers’ Group (BHG) presents an opportunity for all to give and receive compassion and healing. Their enthusiasm is evident—and infectious! New members keep coming. And this  is  a  group  with  a  mission—to  bring  Cooperative Medicine into the mainstream. By “Cooperative Medicine,” the group means a cooperation between alternative healers and MDs or other allopathic health professionals.

Formerly called the Edgar Cayce Healers’ Group, the BHG started in Sept. ’14, with Anton Baraschi’s Friday night courses on various aspects of Bioenergy Healing—Anton’s name for  the healing modalities he uses and teaches—primarily Qigong but also incorporating other methods.

“Bioenergy healing stimulates the immune system in the direction pointed by medical diagnosis and the client’s symptomatic requests,” explains Anton, who frequently works in cooperation with MDs and other medical professionals. His courses were originally all lecture, but then Anton incorporated hands-on healing. “We set up the table,” Anton said, “People can get on the table—and the healers work on them.”

Excited by their experiences as healers and “healees,” many who took these classes wanted more. A group of them began renting space at the Center on Tuesday nights to practice Qigong As a group, they also began offering healing sessions at Psychic and Healing Fairs. Those who come for healing give rave reviews. The BHG members themselves describe their experiences as life-changing.

For this feature, I interviewed some group members in a conference call, and spoke or e-mailed with others individually.  What came through in every conversation was a great passion for the  work they are doing and a strong love for and camaraderie with one another:

“It's  been  a  beautiful  experience,” said Violeta Berniczky. “People smile and feel good and relaxed after we “treat” them. Some of them are more sensitive to energy healing, some less—but absolutely all of them were happier after they received it and very grateful. They felt lighter, they got the feeling that someone really cares about them.” Of her role as healer, Violeta said, “Personally, it brings changes, it makes  someone feel needed, and the more needed, the more giving one becomes.”

The healing work is done as a group and the Bioenergetic Healers believe that by working this way, they create a “healing field.” Part of the reason for adding the Tuesday Qigong practice, in addition to Friday classes, was to strengthen the group field.
“Americans are very singular,” Amelia D’Arcy said. It’s amazing to develop the group field. Six people at a table all working together... You have to learn each other, put your egos aside. There’s a lot of love involved. This is an amazing process. It continues to grow and grow and get stronger and stronger.”

“I can’t say enough about the personal growth and the group growth,” she added. “Everyone’s growing, everyone’s expanding, not just the person on the table.  I’m going through  a huge  transformation.” Though she joined the group with personal health concerns, Amelia says she doesn’t think about that much anymore. “Certain things really don’t matter anymore when you connect to the Source... I feel like I was lost and now I’m found.”

Further strengthening that healing field is the purpose of another element the BHG incorporated into their process. Some people came to the group who had not been trained in Qigong but wanted to contribute. Now, those people form a prayer circle. While part of the group stands at the table doing hands-on healing, this circle prays for healing for the person on the table—intensifying the group energy.

Each  client’s  session  begins  and  ends  with  Qigong healing, which is the core modality used, although the group also uses “some elements from Russian methods.” Anton studied a variety of modalities for sixteen years, but his intention is to “shorten the path” for others. For this group work, he has “plucked” the simplest and most effective methods from those he studied.

“The methods must be well-adapted to working with the masses,” Anton says. “Western methods are slow. One person, one hour.” A.R.E. Psychic and Healing Fairs are the main outlet for this groups’ healing work—and  at  a  fair,  Anton  explains, “You have  someone on the table for twenty minutes and you have to be able to do that. The group are now capable  of  that. Some have come to every meeting since it started—and it shows.”

The group itself is diverse and cosmopolitan, with a wide range of ages and backgrounds. “There are very interesting people in the group,” commented Tamara Berman—a prime example of that! She was first introduced to Edgar Cayce in 1975 by Czech healer, Dr. Joseph Jacksy, who had brought a Tesla High Frequency apparatus to the U.S. from Europe. Tamara had sessions with the device, which she says is now in the Smithsonian Institute. She believes the apparatus did the same thing the BHG are now doing with their hands.

Tamara, who described herself as a “disabled Senior Citizen,” has been with the group  from the start. “Would I be a healer now?” she asked. “Probably not at my age—but now I’m learning to use this energy and helping to heal people...It has helped me with my own health but it has been an eye-opener. I learned things I never knew before. It makes me feel good when the person on the table says, ‘Oh I feel warm,’ or ‘I feel good,’  or  sometimes  people  start  crying... People feel better afterwards and that’s exciting. No pill, no prescription.... Everybody has this healing ability but they have to learn to access it.

”How does Cooperative Medicine come into this? Medical professionals visit the class to speak about their own modalities. Some use alternative therapies in their practices, some don’t, but all have observed the group’s work and offered positive comments.
Dr. Frank Salvatore, a urologist and the US representative of a Cooperative Medicine  International Initiative (begun in France early this year with a congress of MDs and alternative practitioners) has lectured on Cooperative Medicine several times. Dr. Steven  Weiss, osteopath, discussed his experiences with the Zuni Indians and why he expanded his practice into energy medicine. Dr. Barrington Lynch, geriatrician and Dr. Ken Sylvestri, homeopath and psychotherapist, and others have also visited the group.

“We are preparing and honing a team of practitioners who can achieve results in a short amount of time (15-20 minutes) to fit the medical visit model—to be ready when cooperative medicine begins to demand it,” Anton explains. “I believe we are the only team offering this type of collective, clinical bioenergy treatment in the New York City area. The group  is already capable of consistent results, as shown by their participation at fairs.”

“We always have a picture of Cayce up when we’re working,” Anton added.  “It’s about integration of all methods. Edgar Cayce was the original integrationist. His hospital closed but he planted a seed. The time has come!” Group members hope, in the future, to  offer healing in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Besides their passion for the work, all members of the group seem to share in admiration  for their mentor. “Anton knows exactly what he’s doing,” said Erdan Bajrovic. “He’s very humble but the results are there. When I started with this group, first thing that really happened is I became more aware of myself—my body, mind and Spirit. I started having these psychic experiences and I’m very skeptical, but I can’t deny it. It’s an amazing experience. He is a great man and he’s leading us in the right way.”

Doug Grant agreed: “Both Qi Gong and Anton’s excellent teaching/guidance provide a very practical structure and experience to what otherwise might have seemed too ephemeral to me. It’s allowed an outlet to the feelings I’ve always felt. Frequently now, when I touch someone on the healing table, I have strong feelings of impersonal love, which is a very fulfilling experience...and also reinforcing. I come back for more.”

How do students become part of the BHG? People come to a Friday night class and get a healing or just listen to the lecture—and want to stay. They are invited to come three or four times and just observe. Anton invites them to participate in the healing work when he feels it’s right, recognizing in them a “karmic  impulse.” “They have to reach a certain point where they will do no harm,” Anton says.

Would-be students first watch and experience healing on the table. Modalities are explained to them and then they are invited to try. Someone stands next to them, guides them and explains what to do. They must first come to three sequential classes and follow the instructions given. Then, if they are interested, they can participate in a fair. After about two years, Anton explains, they will be ready to work on their own. But the focus of the group’s work at the Center remains working as a team.

Upcoming Friday night classes with Anton include topics such as Seeing Inside the Body:  Energetic Anatomy for Budding Clairvoyants and Channels and Meridians: Pathways of the  Energy Body for Workers of Light. Friday night courses are $30 per class or a series such as those above can be purchased as a whole.

See our website for details or watch for Events Calendar. Anyone is welcome to participate in the Tuesday night Qigong practice for a $5 donation. The Bioenergetic Healers Group is a dynamic example of light-workers envisioning a better world and then working to make that better world a reality. We are excited to be offering this cutting-edge educational program at the New York Edgar Cayce Center!