sylvia chappell crp lowresBy Sylvia Chappell, ARE-NY Board Chair

New leadership was recently elected for the A.R.E. of NY Board and Edgar Cayce Center. Sylvia Chappell shares a fresh Ideal of leadership and the Board’s Vision for our Center. Last July, our Board of Trustees held a visioning exercise led by Maureen St. Germain, Board colleague and noted author and teacher of manifestation. It was the most fun we’d had in a Board meeting since I joined the Board in 2011. This powerful exercise inspired us to transcend our old limitations of three-dimensional and linear thinking to reach a new level of creativity.

We sought to build on all the things we all love about the Center and to improve the things we can do better. Our survey of the members provided input from our community to help guide us—first in the spiritual and mental realms, then into the material.


We  envisioned  a  magnificent  space,  a  wonderful  staff, and all the resources to make the NY Edgar Cayce Center THE destination for holistic health and spiritual enlightenment in our area. Of course, we added a meditation  room,  a  library,  classrooms  and  treatment  rooms conducive to the deep inner healing work of our Wellness  Providers,  a  multi-media  studio  allowing  us  to broadcast  workshops  and  courses  by  our  outstanding teachers. Like it? We hope so, because we believe many of you share this dream. We have made it available in the form of a guided visualization you can participate in with our entire Community, as a free download on our website Your meditation matters! Thank you.

As our Board entered a time of challenges of leadership,  several of my colleagues added to this vision an ideal of the kind of leadership we wished for our beloved Center:


The  leaders  of  our  Center  practice  heart-centered leadership that is inclusive and encouraging of others; empowering them to share their views, strengths and  expertise.  This  leadership  is  open,  honest,  discerning, unifying, uplifting and kind. The leadership in our Center creates a harmonious environment in which all individuals feel safe and cared for and helps to  unlock  the  fullest  potential  for  each  individual
within our Community.

As Board Chair, I'm honored to serve, in a new way, the Community that's been such a treasured resource to me for the past 22 years. As one of the founding members of our  Center,  I’m continually amazed at the twists and turns we make in our forward progress. I’m grateful to the previous leadership for their tireless work and generous contributions, and to the Staff and Volunteers who are so vital to the well being of the Center. You have my heartfelt thanks!

Now, we have a fresh opportunity to create the Edgar Cayce Center of our dreams.

“...The spirit is life; the mind is the builder; the physical is the result.”
—Edgar Cayce Reading 349-4

I’m proud to be part of a community of like-minded people who are “joined at the heart” and working together to make a difference in the well-being of all of us... to heal, inspire and enlighten more lives.

Please take a few minutes to add your heartfelt support to our  meditation.  Your  prayers  and  contributions  for  the highest and best good of the A.R.E. of NY and the Community we serve are, as ever, needed, welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you!

Grace and Light,

Sylvia Chappell

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