201511 mark anthony eventMark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer ® presented Evidence of Eternity, Healing Grief Through Spirit Contact at A.R.E. of NY for the first time on December 5th, 2015.

In the audience was Joann Soto, an A.R.E. NY Volunteer. Mark Anthony knew nothing of Joann’s history but he had a message for her.

joann soto“The reading Mark gave me...was phenomenal.” Joann wrote about this event. “He was extremely specific and on point with details. The reading gave me confirmation that my son is forever communicating with me. He even confirmed that my son was happy that I've decided to ‘live my life,’ a decision I made last month for my birthday. Tears.” No-one on the Earth plane knew of this deci- sion Joann had come to after five years of mourning the worst kind of loss.

Almost exactly five years before, on December 4th, 2011, Joann had experienced a heart-rending tragedy when her only son was murdered by someone he believed was his friend. He was only seventeen.

Joann, who is also a psychic medium, adds, “After my reading [about my son], Mark Anthony said an ‘Annabelle’ was coming through. Annabelle was my best friend in high school, and she passed away when she was eighteen. I didn't say anything 'cause I was so caught up with my son's reading, and I also wanted to give someone else an opportunity [to get a message].”

While the event was taking place, Joann didn’t say anything to acknowledge that she knew the message from an “Annabelle” was also for her. Afterwards, she regretted that. Her own psychic impression was that, “Annabelle got sad cause I didn't stand up.”

“Then I got sad too, and I promised her that if I get another opportunity to make her presence known I would do it. So, YES! ANNABELLE was my best friend in High School, and I know she's with my son. Ironically, at the end of my son's reading, Mark Anthony mentioned big red lips...That was Annabella's signature look in High School...bright red lipstick!”

Joann says she is “happy that my son's happy with my decision to ‘live my life,’ and happy that I got another opportunity to acknowledge Annabelle's presence!”

Mark Anthony returns to A.R.E. NY on April 8th and 9th, 7-10 pm.
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