malcolm smith and dogDuring Malcolm's March 2015 visit to our Center, Sylvia Chappell was volunteering at the Reception Desk when a fireman, Steve Sietos, came in for his appointment. He was carrying a sick, injured dog draped around his shoulders. While they were waiting to see Malcolm, she asked him about the dog’s bandaged leg. He explained that this dog, Wilma, had been purposely bred for dogfighting with weak legs that were prone to injury. Sylvia was touched that this sweet, affectionate dog had found someone who cared enough about her to seek out healing from Malcolm.

The next day, Helen Mawn, one of our key Reception volunteers, got a call from Steve who shared wonderful news with her: After the treatment with Malcolm, he took Wilma back to the fire station, where they encountered a dog that was going to be put down because of a serious spine problem. It seems that the healing energy from Malcolm was so powerful that it was transferred to the sick dog at the station. Later that night, Steve was thrilled to hear that the sick dog was no longer sick, or needed to be put down. Instead, he was well and able to run around the fire station.

On November 12, 2015, Steve Seitos brought Wilma back to see Malcolm, and gave us this testimonial:
“Wilma was rescued from a dog-fighting ring in Harlem and brought to my firehouse. As a puppy, she had no pads on her paws, cerebral palsy, birth-defected joints, bloody stools, vomiting and seizures. When we discovered Malcolm Smith, she had a septic elbow that vets wanted me to amputate with no other options. The elbow was huge, hot and swollen. Two days after seeing Malcolm, her elbow reduced down to its normal size and she was no longer septic. Since seeing Malcolm, she rarely has a seizure anymore. Her digestive tract is normal, her energy is high, and her spirit higher. We are forever grateful.”

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