malcolmsmithIn March, we received a request from Paul Dresser, a member of the A.R.E. community in Mississippi, for healing appointments with Malcolm, including a distant healing for his sister-in-law Cindy in Alabama, who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Originally, Paul and his wife had planned to bring Cindy to New York for an appointment in person, yet the gravity of her diagnosis led him to seek out immediate help from Malcolm, who was at home in Yorkshire, England.

Here's what Paul wrote on March 14th about his sister-in-law's condition:

Cindy had had stomach pain for about a year and thought it was ulcers due to her stress over the past year— moving and building a new house. She finally went to the doctor about six weeks ago, and then to a cancer center in Birmingham, Alabama, about four weeks ago. They told her she had Stage 4 cancer… a cancer mass around her pancreas which went into the surrounding blood vessels. It had spread to the liver and was in her blood. They said she had about one month to live and gave her a prescription for morphine. After reading Malcolm Smith's book and going to his website, she had hope for the first time. I contacted the ARE-NYC [Malcolm's first stop in the USA] to make an appointment for a distant healing for her. I [gave] Malcolm her name, location, and diagnosis…. and he said he would do the distant healing over the next few days.

Cindy picks up the story the night after Malcolm began distant healing: 

I experienced a hot sensation over the top right of my abdomen under my ribs while I was sleeping. It woke me up, and I hoped it was the healing. In the morning I had a cup of tea and started getting very nauseated. I threw up many times… had to drag myself to the doctor. [The vomiting] continued through the next day. They put me in the ER with severe dehydration and gave me fluids and anti-nausea meds. I have never felt that sick in my life! The next day, I had a stent [a tubular support to relieve a blockage] put in for a bile duct blockage…. Using an endo-scope to put in the stent, the doctors said they saw no cancer in the liver or the blood vessels as previous doctors had seen… [they also said] the tumor was small, the size of a quarter, [in the] early stages—not Stage 4 as [I was] previously told.

Paul shared the wonderful news with us:

He called Sylvia Chappell and Miranda Rose Gold who had helped connect him with Malcolm to set up the distant healing. He added that Cindy was going to start chemotherapy shortly after this nearly miraculous healing in the belief that this would take care of the remaining tumor. This week, he wrote that she had finished this round of chemo and was back home for a few weeks. Although she was nauseated and weak from the chemo, she "seems to be feeling better each day. She is very thankful all of you who do this work." "The distant healing came in the nick of time."

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