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By Carol Schneider

If your evolutionary path has led to a vegetarian or by Carol Schneider vegan lifestyle, you may find that choice beneficial on many levels—but are you getting all the nutrition your body needs?

Proteins are nutrients essential to the building, maintenance and repair of our body tissues such as skin, internal organs and muscles. They are also the major components of our immune system, neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones and produce ATP—the only energy our muscles can burn. In short, proteins are involved in every aspect of our mental and physical function.

Proteins are made up of substances called amino acids— twenty-two of which are considered vital for our health. Our body can make fourteen of these amino acids, but the other eight, known as essential amino acids, must be obtained from what we eat. Proteins are found in all types of food, but only meat, eggs, fish, dairy and other foods from animal sources contain complete proteins, meaning they provide the eight essential amino acids.

The body cannot use incomplete proteins for rebuilding the body. Our cells must be replaced constantly and every essential amino acid must be present to create the necessary structures and substances. These will be used in the order of the body’s most urgent priority. If a muscle tear is taking a long time to heal this suggests there are more pressing needs in this body and not enough protein is on hand.

mothernature rice and beansVegetarians and vegans usually test very low for essential amino acids and often suffer from fatigue. They need to be aware of the food combinations that create complete protein—generally legumes plus grains. These need to be eaten in the same day, although not necessarily during the same meal. David Minkoff, Integrative MD, says anthropologically, our pre-history shows there to have been no long-term vegan or vegetarian populations on our planet. We are genetically programmed for the paleo diet: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds (no grains, legumes or pre-packaged foods). To get adequate nourishment without meat or fish may not be possible for everyone.

Fats and carbohydrates are made of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Protein has nitrogen atoms as well. The overload of protein that cannot be used for maintaining and repairing bodily structures is used as fuel (calories)—that is, the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen part. But the body must get rid of the acidic nitric acid. In fact, a major component of our urine is this nitrogen waste and eating too much protein can stress the liver and kidneys. If the quality of the protein is very high, however, there is little nitrogen waste. Such proteins become part of the body and there is minimal nitrogen waste left over.

From Europe comes a supplement called PerfectAmino™ made of the eight essential amino acids which are perfectly balanced to be utilized immediately—fully digested and absorbed by the body within twenty-three minutes. Perfect Amino is fully alkaline, unlike food protein, which is acidic.

A vegan and triathlon athlete, Dr. Minkoff essentially used himself as a test case for PerfectAmino. For two years, he had tried everything he could find, but could not heal a torn muscle. He switched to a paleo diet, which he suggests most of his patients do, and used twenty tablets of this supplement daily. The torn muscle healed in three weeks—plus he saw other physiological changes. He was faster, stronger and put on body mass while remaining lean. He says that he had essentially starved his body as a vegan, and his bones and organs were now filling in where they couldn’t before. He also suspected he had an intestinal problem; however, the aminos re-lined and healed his digestive system.

Studies show all protein is not alike in quality. The protein best utilized by the body is breast milk: 49% of the protein is used by the body. After that come eggs: 48% (whites only are 16%), Meat/Fish/Poultry: 33%, Soy: 17%, Whey: 16%, and Pea protein: 11%. Even the egg—the highest quality food protein known—is underutilized by 52%.The remaining nitrogen waste pours into the bloodstream acidifying it, as the rest of the unused portion, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen become calories and fuel. By contrast, PerfectAmino is utilized 99%.

How do we know this? “Nitrogen in/Nitrogen out” studies involve collecting the urine from three days of eating a particular protein and measuring the nitrogen that is excreted. When protein is fully incorporated into body tissue, nitrogen won’t be present in the urine. The less protein utilized by the body, the more nitrogen is found in the urine.

“Nitrogen in/Nitrogen out” studies of whey protein found that 84% of the nitrogen was recorded in urine, meaning only 16% of the whey protein became part of the body— so that is a very poor quality protein. The same testing demonstrated that PerfectAmino protein stays in the body 99%—it is used virtually completely.

Among those who have been helped by supplementing with PerfectAmino, was a young athlete depressed and fatigued from a protein demand not allowing her body to regenerate. Dr. Minkoff got her on a paleo diet and off sugar and starch and junk foods, gave her some ozone, essential fats and some minerals which she needed, along with PerfectAmino. At her five-week visit she was aglow and said she felt ten times better.

Another dramatic case was an infant born with his intestines outside his body. Following corrective surgery, his bowel didn’t work. He was fed intravenous protein, to which he became allergic. This led to liver failure. Dr. Minkoff saw this infant at age seven months, when he weighed only nine pounds. He was given two Perfect Amino tablets daily, crushed in applesauce, and began to gain one to two pounds per week. He was normal at two years of age.

When cancer patients with muscle wasting were given ten tablets three times a day for three to four months, they regained their muscle mass, hemoglobin and white counts went up and their intestinal mucosa healed.

The testimonials are many for Alzheimer’s patients regaining brain function, bone density regeneration in osteoporotic women, for weight loss, metabolic stabilization and reduction of food cravings with PerfectAmino.

Dr. Minkoff found that heavy metal detoxification procedures took 30% less time when Perfect Amino was added to the usual vitamin/mineral complex he used with his patients.

The only way to determine whether your body is getting enough protein is for you to have your integrative doctor measure your body’s necessary elements.

Dr. Minkoff’s website is Much of the information in this article came from Corinne Furnari’s program Take Charge of Your Health on WBAI radio, 99.5 fm, Fridays at 1pm. Listen to the 5/29/15 program from 1pm-3pm at WBAI archive.

Published in The Open Door, July-September 2015 issue

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