at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center

By Sylvia Chappell

sacred geometry cosmos spaceIn my Akashic Records readings and Past-Life Regressions, I’ve often found that clients had incarnations in Atlantean times, particularly the times spoken of by Cayce when there was conflict between two parties with different agendas. At least a dozen clients were told that they were scientists or spiritual leaders working with advanced technologies far beyond what we know about today.

They were seeking to tune the great power crystals to accelerate the ascension of human consciousness and the Earth to higher dimensions. Due to “corrupting influences,” that experiment went terribly wrong, resulting in horrific destruction of the civilization and land of Atlantis.

These scientists and leaders of the ascension effort became special targets of the “corrupting influences,” those with an agenda of power, control and exploitation. The tactics they used to corrupt this enlightened experiment were very “dark,” and included bribes, flattery, threats to loved ones, bioweapons and psychic attacks.

The reason my clients were given information about their challenges in Atlantis is because they still carried feelings of guilt, remorse, betrayal, despair or self-blame for the failure of this experiment. They judged themselves to be at fault for not preventing the “corrupting influences” from sabotaging this ascension experiment that led to such horrific destruction.

The Record keepers emphasize that issues in this life are the result of self-condemnation, not karma. These Atlanteans believe they are to blame because they couldn’t stop the destruction—and therefore must suffer for it in this life. The Record keepers assure them that this belief does not serve their highest and best good, and recommend that they release it now in order to move on with their important “Lightwork.”

They’ve returned at this time—the shift of the ages—to once again serve as “Lightworkers” in the ascension process we’re going through today… determined to finally “get it right!” They do this by bringing more and more of the “Light” of oneness with divine consciousness into earthly expression to uplift human consciousness to the next level or dimension.

The reason they’re drawn to the Edgar Cayce Center and the energy healing modalities practiced here is that these modalities echo the intuitive or “spiritual sciences” they worked with as Atlanteans. In the Akashic readings or past-life sessions I conduct, I use intuitive and energetic techniques to help these clients release feelings of self-condemnation and heal the wounds of the past that are holding them back or sabotaging their progress in this life.

This information received through my readings resonates deeply with me because I now know that I was part of this experiment and was devastated when it went awry. I’ve carried feelings of self-judgment for thousands of years. Fortunately, in several sessions, the Akashic Record Keepers have assured these returning Atlanteans (and me), “This time, we WILL ascend!”   

In Atlantean times, it appears that we relied more upon the control of powerful technologies to accelerate ascension. This time, we WILL ascend when each of us attunes our consciousness to the divine in a spirit of loving, selfless service.