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Attain Chakras of Light! Healing modalities from all over the world have looked to balancing the male and female/yin and yang energies as the greatest healing modality of all. This alchemy births the healed authentic self and can even bring complete transformation.

Noted chakra healer Annie Bond will activate your soul’s own divine trinity of the healed mother, father and child energies, to wash your chakras in balance and light. She connects to your infinite soul and holds the space for this energy to clear long-held energy blocks and damage to allow the increase of prana/chi to flow.  

Annie also teaches this modality through her Divine Mother Healer School,  a high vibration, transformative and deeply experiential training over one weekend a month for six months.

Gifted clairvoyant Annie Bond offers the Divine Mother modality, healing technique that came to her after 20 years as an energy and sound healer. She is also an award-winning and best-selling author of five books on green living.

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What to Expect in a Healing

Edgar Cayce Center Healings

Annie usually books in NYC on Thursdays
Price: $150 Time: 1 1/2 hours
Skype Heaings: 1 1/2 hours; $90
Contact: Annie Bond, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 845-876-4252


“Ever since you gave us our first session we have been transforming. Your work is true alchemy and the beautiful sense of self and trust and clarity that I have received is that pot of gold that people think of when they hear the word alchemy.  What greater riches can anyone have then knowing who we truly are.” – Elyse Furlong

“I experience Annie Bond as an extraordinary healer who taps into the primordial, the innate worlds and brings their healing energies into my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with a genius the likes of which I have seldom, if ever encountered.”  – Lois Walden

“As a leukemia patient, I’ve spent months in the hospital being treated with powerful chemicals and drugs, feeling my body become shrunken and foreign. I’m grateful for what the oncologists have done for me, but it was Annie Bond’s healings that restored me mentally and emotionally to my body and my sense of harmony with myself.”
– Daniel Berthold, Department of Philosophy, Bard College

Annie Bond’s Certificates/Diplomas in Energy and Sound Healing Work

  • The Medicine Buddha emission from H. H. the 17th Karmapa 2015   
  • Kundalini Yoga, Darkness to Light Training with Alli Hutchins : 2014-2015
  • The Order of Melchizedek ordination; May 2014
  • Chenrezik (Compassion) Empowerment from H.H. the 17th Karmapa 2011
  • Realization Training, Subtle Self Work with Judith Blackstone, Part I: 2009
  • Prima Birthing Practitioner, Derek O’Neill//SQ-Wellness: 2008
  • Sound Healers Association Healing Sounds Intensive: 2008
  • The Gems of Excellence Tap Touch Course I, II: 2008
  • Rising Star Practitioner, Derek O’Neill/SQ-Wellness: 2007
  • Sound Healers Training with Zacciah Blackburn: 2005
  • A Healing Touch Masters Training Course: 2004
  • A Healing Touch Basic Training: 2003
  • Reiki Master: 2001
  • Reiki Second Degree: 2000
  • Reiki First Degree: 1999