20170114 psychic fair sylvia chappell workshopBy Sylvia Chappell

At our January 14th Psychic Fair at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, I did a live public Tarot Reading about 2017. Doing a live public reading is not something I do lightly—I never know what will come up, particularly in times of great uncertainty and upheaval as we’re going through now. Many visitors to our Center this year have expressed apprehension about the future.

The reading I did was in answer to the question, “What is the most important thing that Spirit/Source God would like for us to know about the coming year?”

I explained that this tarot reading would not show anything that was “fated” or “set in stone.” On the contrary, the tarot would show us the predominant energies and probabilities of the year. We always have the free will to choose how we respond to these energies and probabilities as they manifest in our lives. The vibratory rate of our response (high, low or in between) determines what events, situations and relationships we draw into our lives.

2017 tarot spread by sylvia chappell

As always, I first set my intent that I would be a clear, pure channel of guidance from the highest, holiest Source through my Higher Self for the highest and best good of all concerned—with Light to all, Love to all, Peace to all. Then, after asking the audience to add their vibrations to the deck, I shuffled the cards and was astounded as I dealt out this 5-card spread:

Why? First, because, of the 5 cards in this spread, all 5 were Major Arcana, the 22 archetypal cards in the deck of 78 cards, meaning that powerful spiritual forces are at work this year for all of us.

On top of that, they were all extraordinarily positive, heralding a year where we have incredible opportunities to expand and raise our consciousness… to create a “heaven on Earth” of harmony and unity in accord with spiritual law. We all have these archetypes within us, and we can choose to use these qualities and energies to transcend the duality of 3D materialism and polarity thinking, “us vs. them, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong.”

Next I walked the group through the specifics of each card, explaining the meaning of the card’s position in the spread (1-5), followed by the meaning of the card itself. 

1. Overall message from Spirit/Source God about 2017:
THE MAGICIAN is about creative beginnings; skillful, organized creator draws from spirit to manifest something lasting in earth.
As Cayce said “Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, the Physical is the result.” This card is ruled by Mercury, the mind, yet note that the path of creation goes from his right hand pointing towards Spirit, through the heart center (not the mind) to manifest through the 4 elements on the physical plane. So the key is to be heart-centered, to energize the creations by the mind with the highest vibrational energy of LOVE, instead of fear or selfishness or discord (from the ego-mind).  

2. Conscious influences. What we are aware of.
THE WORLD: Triumph in all undertakings, fulfillment of all desires, of the soul’s purpose. Divine union, cosmic/superconscious. Ascending to 5D (5th dimension) beyond the polarity of 3D. Raising our vibrations to this realm of God Consciousness would bring “heaven on earth” into our lives, our communities, our world. We would have powerful opportunities to awaken to the oneness of all.

3. Unconscious influences. What we’re not aware of:
THE LOVERS: Union of masculine & feminine qualities (give-receive, logic-intuition) on all levels is what moves us to wholeness, to union with the Divine. In this position (unconscious influences), this is something that happens within each of us as we bring all part of ourselves into loving unity. Forgiveness is an important part of this. When we unconditionally love ourselves, we draw to us other kindred spirits for relationships that are fulfilling on all levels—physical, mental, spiritual.

4. Where we are now and action to be taken:
THE HANGED MAN: Surrender to Spirit, accept what’s happening, especially challenges, as “blessings in disguise.” Reversal of usual way of life or thought from which comes new visions, insights, prophecy. It’s important to surrender to events and situations we’ve been trying to change because “what you resist, persists.” This card is more about BEING than DOING. When we cease to give focus and energy to what we feel is negative in our lives, we become peaceful within, creating peace in our outer world.    

5. Probable outcome, main insight or understanding:
THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Mystery unrevealed. It can’t be known; it must be experienced. Rely on your intuition to make the choice that transcends duality. This card speaks to the power of the intuition, the heart intelligence, to lift the veil and reveal eternal spiritual law. When we can see beyond duality into oneness, it becomes easier and easier to make the higher vibrational choice… of love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. That’s how we can have a day of heaven on earth… every day.  

2017 tarot spread extra by sylvia chappellTwo extra cards:
While I was shuffling, THE WHEEL came flying out of the deck, so I considered that a part of the reading, meaning:
Good fortune, success, expansion. An opportunity to manifest your destiny. The key is to stay centered (the center of the wheel); it’s less dizzying than the outer wheel that’s always turning.

On the bottom of the deck, THE 6 OF CUPS (the only MINOR Arcana or suit card, representing earthly matters, in this reading) adds a “grace note” to the reading. It means “happiness based on past association.” I took it to mean that we can enjoy the sweetness of life when we stay in a place of childlike innocence, harmony and gratitude.

This reading, as a whole, brings to mind a favorite quote from the Edgar Cayce Readings about the evolutionary times we are going through:

"Be GLAD you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that MUST rule the world. These are indicated, and these are part of thy experience. Be happy of it, and give thanks daily for it." (2376-3)

Sylvia Chappell teaches Intuitive Tarot weekend courses at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center. Next: January 28 & February 4, then March 19 & 26. She also offers Akashic Records Readings and Past-Life Regression. SylviaChappell.net