“I owe the A.R.E. so much and have been delighted to give back by financially supporting this incredible organization.” -- Hilary Ohrstrand

Our Center has taken a leap of faith! We’ve transitioned into our beautiful new space.

201609 GO ribbon cutting02 crpOur new location at 153 W. 27th Street is an upgrade in the quality, efficiency and beauty of our space. Our rent in our new Center, though high, is less than we would have paid had we stayed at our 30th St. location. This is a step up for our Community.

But moving and other upgrades are expensive!

Your generous gift now will help pay expenses of the move, expand our Community and keep our Center shining!


  • Your donation or monthly pledge of any size will help us build our Center’s future.
  • Or pledge $10, $25, $50 or $100 monthly for a year by signing up for any of our donation payment plans.

aboutare"As ye have received, as ye are moved, as ye apply that ye received, give to those that seek. Be patient, be kind. Speak not unkindly of anyone. Let not gossip or unkind things, either in thought or deed, be in thine experience." (262-98)

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