Sidney Nancy Kirkpatrick 2015Replay our fascinating conversation with Sidney & Nancy Kirkpatrick about their 9/26 workshop: TRUE TALES from the Cayce Archives: Lives Touched & Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet. Click on this link or paste it in your browser:

The recording runs 1 hour 15 mins and covers

Pre-register for Saturday's workshop and save $40 off the at-door price! 

Sidney Kirkpatrick, best-selling author of Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, and his wife Nancy Kirkpatrick, his research/writing partner, take us on a fascinating journey into the archives of Cayce’s 14,000+ psychic readings, sharing the most interesting case studies and exploring the incredible and astounding results of the Cayce work in so many people’s lives.

Find info & tickets here.

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helen oneilWe’re happy to announce that Helen, who serves as a Reception volunteer, will take on this important position. We love the enthusiasm she brings to all her work here:

"I have been volunteering with the Center since April, and my enthusiasm for the work of the Center has only grown with each passing week. The Edgar Cayce [NY Center] has helped many people find community, self-expression and healing. I cannot express deeply enough how excited I am to be a part of what we do."

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edgarcayce events mobile appWe’re pleased to announce a new mobile app that gives you anywhere access to Edgar Cayce Center Events! Please follow the simple steps below to add it to your smart phone or tablet. Check the latest Event listings anytime—including additions or specials that aren’t in the printed calendar—thanks to our Web & Print Designer Nya Fleron.

How to Get the Edgar Cayce Events App on Your Phone

Important: instead of downloading this app through your normal app download manager, use this three-step process:

  1. Open the following link on your phone, tablet or other mobile device (not your computer):
  2. Once the web page is active in the browser window of your mobile device (you'll see a list of our events), select your main menu—typically located in the bottom part of your phone or device. You will then see several options of what to do with the link—e.g., email it or text it to someone, etc.
  3. Select “Add to home screen”. This will place a small icon on your phone's screen/desk top, which will open a list of the events that are happening at the Edgar Cayce Center in the coming weeks.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can use it like any other phone app by clicking on the icon on your phone screen/desktop. Any issues, please contact Nya Fleron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


sundaymorningawakeningsOn July 28, Rev. Kev O’Kane, originator and long-time facilitator of this weekly Cayce-inspired Spiritual Growth Group, announced that he’s ending the group effective immediately:

"The Sunday Inspirations group which has run for more than five years has ended. Whatever was meant to happen through the group has happened, and now it's time for it to end. I gratefully acknowledge and honor the invaluable contributions to the group by Rev. Charles Julian and Sonia Granados (de los Angeles) who also facilitated this group at various times. Thanks to all who participated in the inspiring messages, meditations and healings for your support! Blessings to all!"

—Rev. Kev O'Kane

2015Jul Sep ARECalendarWe’ve reprinted more Calendars with all-new front and back covers about our Anniversary Celebration! Arriving at the Center Friday, Aug. 28th!

Meanwhile, you can download this NEW Anniversary Edition now! The rest of the calendar is exactly the same, so please note the following corrections. Check our website and weekly e-news updates for the latest information.

If you aren't already a NYC Center Member or on our list to receive a printed calendar, please call (212) 691-7690 and give us your mailing address. We’ll send you a copy.


  • PSYCHETHERAPEUTICS: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Profound Body-Mind-Spirit Transformation with Dr. Jay Kantor, scheduled for July 28, Aug. 4 & 18, Sept. 1 & 22, has been canceled.
  • The Sunday Inspirations group was ended as of July 28 by facilitator Rev Kev O’Kane.
  • Due to an instructor emergency the Mon, Aug 31 Fundamentals of Ayurveda: An Ancient Indian Healing Tradition class with Dr. Munira Merchant has been moved to Tuesday, September 1.
  • Peter Goldbeck’s Wed, September 2 Reiki Healing Circle has been moved to Tue, September 1.
  • The Center will close for Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7, but will be open regular hours Saturday, Sept. 5, and Sunday, Sept. 6.

Download July-August-September event calendar grids with the latest updates here.

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