At this season of Thanksgiving, we’re profoundly grateful for you!

hands holding growing plantOur Center was created a little over twenty years ago by the contributions and support of people like you. Because of you and other generous people like you—because of the volunteer efforts, donations and prayers of our Community, our New York Edgar Cayce Center has been open for two decades.

It’s difficult to put into words how grateful we are for the support you’ve given over the years—how honored we feel to be allied with you in this work. We continue to need your support for this effort.

What is that effort? Our aim is to raise the vibrational rate of the world through helping one individual at a time to grow in Spiritual ways. We seek to be part of a consciousness shift—and we invite you and your loved ones to come along with us and help our world transform. Each personal awakening, each seed of consciousness planted, each healing release of traumas and blockages from the past, moves our Earth toward a tipping point—toward that world guided by spiritual light that Cayce envisioned.

Edgar Cayce’s work has touched millions of people, bringing them spiritual peace, wellness on many levels, understanding and growth. Millions more are in need of the wisdom that was channeled through him. Reaching out to them, serving them—serving you—is our goal and purpose!

are donate buttonMany have found a spiritual home and family at the A.R.E. of New York—a safe place to discuss and learn about metaphysical subjects. A space for openness, growth, learning, and building a personal connection to the Source. This process goes on in Spiritual Growth Groups such as our Prayers for Healing Group, Meditation Group, our recently added Johrei Healing Group (Tuesdays 6-8 pm)—and through a growing variety of programs, workshops and courses.

We’ve celebrated our 20th Anniversary. What next?


"Going through this [Psychic Skills] class is like discovering a whole new world that you suspected is there but you just couldn't perceive before. After each weekend of instruction and practice on different aspects of psychic work, one takes home a new toolbox to help you unfold that which is inherent in all of us…"
—Andrea C.


certification program logoIn 2016 we raised the bar of our programming with new options for intensive and in-depth learning in such certification programs as our new Psychic Skills course with Lin Hunter, a Holistic Life Coaching course with Peter Woodbury and our Integrated Energy Therapy course taught by Charles Julian and Kev O’Kane. These programs have brought funds and new members into the Center. We plan to continue to develop in this direction. Of course, in addition to certification programs, we’ll continue to offer opportunities to learn and grow from internationally admired teachers, healers and “New Thought” leaders, as well as Center favorites, including events that focus on “Cayce Basics.”

mind as a builder book coverThe weekend of January 26-28, we host groundbreaking speakers Mitch Horowitz, Judith Pennington and Joseph Gargano presenting their latest insights into Edgar Cayce on the Evolution of Consciousness.

IAC logoIn the New Year we are adding the award-winning Consciousness Development Program by the IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) that starts February 3, providing opportunities to expand your parapsychic awareness, develop your bioenergetic defense and well being, and to apply Out-of-Body-Experience techniques.

akashicrecordsAnd internationally known “New Thought” and ascension leader Maureen St. Germain continues to teach her Akashic Records Training and manifestation techniques at our Center.

We plan to continue expanding our social media outreach and advertising, to reach all those seekers in our area who would benefit from the truths that came through Edgar Cayce and other compatible sources—and invite them to the Center. We also hope to incorporate your ideas and suggestions. Watch for a survey, coming soon, where you can tell us what your hopes are for the Center, and have input on our future directions.

2016 picnic hands holding orange eurythmyWe’re renewing our focus on Spiritual Community. These days, many are finding this world an unpredictable and challenging place. Fellowship with like-minded friends, who are walking a similar spiritual path, helps replace that sense of anxiety with confidence in our connection with the Universe and our fellow travelers.

We can only make all this happen with your generous support.

"Three years ago, I arrived in New York knowing no one. The A.R.E. has been wonderful with its many practitioners offering excellent spiritual support and guidance in their particular fields. The readings and healings I have received have been miraculous and uplifting, and the teaching and help given in various workshops has left me far more confident of my own psychic abilities. The staff are so welcoming and friendly; as a stranger to the city I immediately felt very much at home. I owe the ARE so much and have been delighted to give back by financially supporting this incredible organization."
—Hilary Ohrstrand


New York is the fourth most expensive city in the world, according to a study published last year. Being a not-for-profit here is difficult. As prices for almost everything go up, we must also increase our income to stay afloat, while keeping the workshops, courses, services and groups we offer accessible.

There have been times in the past year when it has been extremely challenging to keep our doors open. Our current rent is lower than it would have been if we had not moved to our current suite—but still a midtown rent. To pay all our expenses, we require an amount of approximately $9,000 per week. Most of this is raised through our programs, bookstore sales, wellness services, memberships and rents. But, as a non-profit, we also depend on your tax-deductible donations to keep the light shining and to make it possible to expand in the coming year—to meet the growing need for consciousness development and spiritual community./p>

In the year following our move, we’ve fallen short too often for comfort. Contributions from our Community and Board and personal loans from Board Members—none wealthy—pulled us through. But we need to take steps to make our Center economically secure.

are donate buttonYou can be sure that your tax-deductible donation or pledge of any amount—small or large—will make a difference. But we do ask you to make the most generous donation you can at this time.

"Recently, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that I’ve been unable to resolve by my usual means. I was led to engage with at least four practitioners at the A.R.E. of NY Center and will probably engage with others as well. I have found value in these engagements and I believe that the Center is a very important resource that deserves support. I realized that maintaining the Center in NYC is very expensive. Therefore, I became a Founding Member."
—Paul Kirby

Here are two ways you can give that would be especially helpful:

  • Become a Sustainer: Making a monthly sustaining pledge allows you to give generously within your budget. $25 a month becomes $300 a year. $100 a month becomes a very generous $1200. Automatic installments can be set up by credit card or PayPal. (If your needs change, they can be changed or cancelled at any time.)
  • Join Our Legacy Society: To keep our Center here, thriving and serving seekers of the present and the future, please consider putting our New York Edgar Cayce Center into your will. Bequests from two loving members made it possible for us to survive through the Great Recession of 2008, and made our recent move feasible. Smaller bequests have made a big difference for our Center as well.

    There are other forms of planned giving as well. Some of our Members have made A.R.E. of NY beneficiaries on their IRAs—and you do not need to have a will to do this! Some forms of planned giving can benefit you in your lifetime while also benefitting the Center. Please contact Lynne Miceli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Center) to talk about possibilities for planned giving. Let us know if you’ve arranged a future gift to A.R.E. of NY so we can make you part of our Legacy Society!

We need your support now! Remember your tax-deductible gift of any size will help. Your contribution, monthly pledge, volunteer time—even a donation of needed supplies (call first to talk about what we can use) or a gift to cover travel expenses of a visiting teacher—will help us to continue in our new space—and help maintain this spiritual home for you and other seekers.

"Several years ago, I found and purchased a first edition copy of There is a River, the first biography of Edgar Cayce from 1945. Inside was a clipping of a New York Times article about the opening of the first A.R.E. Center in New York City in 1951. The article quoted Edgar Cayce’s son Hugh Lynn, who said at the opening, that his father had told him that, for the Cayce work to thrive, ‘There must be an A.R.E. Center in New York City.’"
—Kev O’Kane

Please help us to continue to shine in New York City with the most generous contribution you can give. Your gift now will help us to continue this important work of enlightenment, healing and transforming lives.
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Or use this form to donate by mail.

At this season of Thanksgiving, we are profoundly grateful for your support and for the abundance we know is on the way. Thank you!

201711 board signatures Sylvia Chappell, Rev. Kev O’Kane, Betty DeCandia. Lynne Salomon Miceli, Maureen St. Germain, Sydney Francis

The A.R.E. of NY Board of Trustees

P.S. Thank you for making your contribution now. We promise that your donation will be put to excellent use to make your Center the best possible resource for enlightenment and healing.

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