By Joan Carra, psychic medium

edgarcayce BWI was at the new location of the Edgar Cayce Center of New York on the night of Saturday, Sept 17th when the bomb exploded on 23rd Street in midtown Manhattan—just four blocks away from our new Center on 27th Street. I had spent the afternoon volunteering my services as a psychic reader and was in “the zone” I get in when I do readings, working nonstop. My body was stiff from siting in one position, so I decided to take care of myself by going to the group healing session and Prophecy Celebration with Peter Goldbeck, a popular Center teacher known as “the Light Guy,” where he channels divine light—what he calls “joy juice.”

When I entered the room, I looked at the photograph of Edgar Cayce that was on the wall. I made a point of looking deeply into his eyes. This photo is the only wall decoration in the room and his eyes in this photo are a very intense and penetrating.  I locked into the capture of his gaze and felt he was happy about his new and beautiful Center in NYC.

Joan CarraWe were instructed by Peter Goldbeck to intensify and magnify a platinum violet light during his guided meditation of healing. Suddenly, we were startled by a huge, long burst of what sounded like thunder. I thought to myself, of course this is the day I did not bring my umbrella; I’m going to be drenched!

A few minutes later, we closed the windows when we heard sirens—more than normal for a typical night in Manhattan. Peter commented that NYC must be burning. He then said, whenever you see earthquake victims, the plight of refugees and other people suffering, don't feel helpless—send the “joy juice” to them, which we all did at that moment.

pillarsgroupIt was my first experience with Peter, who is a stream-of-consciousness. Robin-Williams-like personality emanating wit and wisdom… definitely from a different dimension! Peter has a dreadlock ponytail down to his ankles! He played around with it and said it was his Fios cable and we laughed. I told him after class that I saw the spirit the late cosmic jazz musician Sun Ra standing next to him. I gave him the message that you are both from the same planet and Sun Ra said you are his disciple. Peter, who is also a talented musician, knew who he was and gave me a grateful hug.

When I left later that night, I walked down 27th Street to Grand Central and felt lucky it was not raining yet. When I got to the train, I looked up on my phone the news of the day to occupy myself for my long ride home. I read that there was a bomb that exploded on 23rd Street at 8:30 p.m., and I realized that was the thunder we thought we heard. I was shocked to read that a second bomb was found on 27th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue—exactly on the block of our new Center location!  For some mysterious reason, it did not detonate, which even perplexed the police. Later, the news showed videos that a bicyclist kicked the bag because it was in his way and two passersby took the duffle bag after discarding the pressure cooker bomb inside, apparently finding a treasure in street garbage.

I could not believe how fortunate we were! We had a crowd at the center and we were all safe. Not only inside, but many people were leaving our building around that time and would have been walking on the street right by the potential explosion. I thought that perhaps our intense and focused prayers of healing vibrated the outcome we had—that, for whatever reason, the second bomb which was so close to our building did not explode.

Did Edgar Cayce protect us?  I definitely felt so.

Joan Carra is a psychic medium who offers workshops at the New York Edgar Cayce Center. Peter Goldbeck conducts a variety of healing/psychic groups and individual sessions at the Center. Find out more at or by calling (212) 691-7690.

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