After a 7-month search, we are very happy to announce that we have found a wonderful new space to be our NYC Center's new home!
cityscape of new york slimThey said it couldn't be done… that we couldn't find a better quality commercial space of comparable size in our convenient Chelsea (midtown Manhattan) neighborhood at a rent within our reach that didn't need lots of expensive construction. Real estate costs are just too high, landlords are too picky, and so on…. But we did it!

Heartfelt thanks are due to the tremendous efforts by our Perfect Space Committee led by Anton Baraschi and Lucas Boladian, with the help of knowledgeable real estate agents, and the guidance of others on our Board and from Spirit working through us. Our prayers were answered!

We're delighted about our new location on West 27th Street east of 7th Avenue—very close to where we are now, and just as convenient! While we're moving three blocks downtown, we're definitely moving up in terms of the overall quality, efficiency and aesthetics of our space and the building itself.
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Our 5-year lease was signed the evening of Tuesday, June 14, by Anton Baraschi, and the paperwork was completed by the new landlord yesterday, June 27. As you can imagine, this was the culmination of much discussion, analysis, meditation and careful consideration by our Board of the suitability and merits of this space. On the eve of the lease signing, we also conducted a ceremony led by Board member Maureen St. Germain to antidote any astrological timing challenges.

Our new space in a doorman building will present our Work to the public in an environment with much more light, better handicapped accessibility, improved air conditioning and elevator service and better sound-proofing, among other advantages. Though there are major expenses connected with moving—primarily the expense of reconfiguring the space for our activities—our monthly rent will be less than it would have been had we signed a 5-year lease in our present location.

We're looking forward to the date when we can welcome our Community into our wonderful new Center!

It will take us about three months to prepare the space for our Grand Opening. Events through the end of August will take place in our current Center, unless you hear otherwise. We'll keep you posted as this unfolds.
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We give thanks for the prayers, contributions and bequests from the kindred spirits in our community who share a vision of Center where all seekers can:

  • Connect with our inner guidance
  • Heal on many levels
  • Evolve to our highest potential
  • Find peace in a changing world

We're asking our entire community to support this transition to our new Center with generous contributions of money, time or talents, prayers and meditation. They're all equally welcomed and appreciated. You can make a tax-deductible donation online right here. And if you’d like to volunteer, please go here for more info. For info about the tax benefits of gifts of appreciated stock, please contact our Treasurer Betty DeCandia at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]. For info about bequests, please contact Maureen St. Germain at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].

Together, we'll make our beautiful new Center an ideal home for the Edgar Cayce Work we love!

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