pyramid collage“For me, our Edgar Cayce Center in New York is an essential spiritual center force energy flows and where we have the opportunity to learn, grow, heal, and begin to understand, as the readings tell us, that the spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.”
Randall Okey

You Are Creating the Future!

Good News in Our Abundance Drive:

201604 in god we trustWe’ve just breezed past the 30% milestone in our Drive to Build Our Center’s Futurethanks to our Members and Friends who’ve generously donated or pledged $33,548 to our drive.

Our next milestone is $55,000—50% of our ultimate goal of $111,000.

We still have a climb to put that radiant capstone on top of our Dream Center—but together we can do this!

Your donation or pledge of any size makes a difference.

We’re asking Members and Friends who can, to make as generous a contribution or pledge as possible now to help us reach our goal! Please use this link to make your contribution:

are donate button

Help us work together in Spirit to manifest our Center ’s future. We invite you to download and use this Vision Statement: Center of Our Dreams

Your participation now will help keep our Light bright for years to come.

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