Healing Prayers answered…

Norman Curtis, long-time Cayce spiritual group facilitator, is mending well after a procedure last week that successfully unblocked an artery. His niece Martha wrote that he is now comfortably settled at 150 Riverside Drive (at 87th St.), New York City, NY 10024, phone 646-505-3500. Norman’s stepson Mitchell will be visiting over Thanksgiving, and he has many caring friends in our community supporting him.

“Norman seems to like the new place. He enjoyed his dinner and the staff seems attentive and professional. The facility has a piano in a lounge area that has a view of the Hudson River. I am hoping he will be playing soon.”
Although Norman can have visitors, it is essential that he have plenty of time for therapy and rest. Be sure to call first!
We love you Norman!

201609 GO ribbon cutting07Healing Angels responded…

Charles Julian, IET (healing with angels) teacher and facilitator of our Center’s Sunday Inspirations group is also recovering well from surgery to add a pacemaker. His wife Arlene writes, “All is well and people are impressed how well he is holding up.” Charles, too, has many loving, caring friends in our community supporting him. Please join us in prayers and calling in “flights of angels.” We love you Charles!

elizabeth tomboulian4Elizabeth Tomboulian has resigned from the Board as of November 6. We are grateful for her volunteer service and contributions to the leadership of our organization. She was elected to the Board in January 2016.

Flower of life Elizabeth TomboulianElizabeth continues as a highly respected Center Wellness Practitioner offering Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, Sound Energy Healing and Craniosacral Therapy as well as sound energy healing workshops. Her inspiring music and voice will continue to grace our community gatherings—including this year’s Holiday Party on December 9th where she will lead “Caroling with Cayce… Music As the Bridge including Cayce readings citing ways we can use music and sound to heal ourselves, others and this world.

hands energy star lightUpdate from Andrew Appel: We will be at a couple of different places for now—go to "NYC Healing Circle" on either Facebook or meetup.com for information about upcoming events.

Waking Up in 5D maureen st germain bookcoverMaureen St Germain’s book, Waking Up in 5D, Amazon #1 Best seller in Mysticism and Spirituality since its release is just in!

We’ve also received more copies of Maureen’s other popular books including Reweaving the Fabric of your Reality and Be A Genie, along with her meditation CDs.

Be sure to register early for Maureen St. Germain’s benefit workshop on Nov. 19, Breaking Out of the 3D Matrix into Your 5D Self. All proceeds will benefit the non-profit Edgar Cayce Center of NYC… Thank you, Maureen!

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