Linda steps away from her My River of Time series to share a poignant story of her father’s “touch from the other side.”

savin rock collage

This year being twenty years since  my Dad’s untimely passing, I want to honor his life by sharing this unique experience.

Of the four children in my family, my younger brother and I were the ones who worked closely with my father in the family business, a specialty machine shop. Starting right out of high school, I became his bookkeeper. I worked part-time for him through my college years and while raising my small  children. Once my children grew old enough I switched to fulltime. My duties grew until I became his business advisor, “general foreman,“ machine  operator,  fork  lift  driver,  and  basically  his right hand man, so to speak. I learned to handle every facet of the business, large and small.

Unfortunately my father had diabetes for many years which took a terrible toll on his health. To top things off the economy recessed in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The business turned sour and eventually accumulated thousands of dollars in debt. Our accountant and lawyer advised us to close up shop. They felt we would never be able to dig our way out of the hole. Businesses were closing and leaving our state in droves.
My family, being old school and stubborn, refused to give up. We scrambled to stay afloat. We downsized the shop, selling off some machinery to shrink the debt. We moved the business in with another company, renting a small area of their space. From 1986 to 1994 it was a struggle, but we paid off all debts and actually started to turn a profit. Our accountant and lawyer were amazed. They had said it couldn’t be done. We proved them wrong.

As my father’s health declined, it was the general consensus throughout the family to put the business up for sale. Fortunately, even in the worst of times, we were able to sell the shop. That was February of 1995. My father passed suddenly in July that same year. He was only sixty-five—but that’s not the end of his story.
His story from the other side begins in the summer of 2012. By this time both my parents had passed. One day my sister received a letter from an insurance company saying there was a small outstanding whole life policy in need of distribution.

My father had been gone for so long, how could this be? I was working for the Better Business Bureau at that time and was leery of it being a scam, but after some investigating we found the claim to be legitimate. All well and good, it was a nice touch from Dad seventeen years after his death... It still doesn’t end here.
While waiting for the small policy to be divided and checks to be cut, my sister went on a quest. Being the curious creature she is (I call her Mrs. Peabody) and somehow  prompted  by this unexpected legacy from Dad, she started looking up information on an old amusement park, Savin Rock of West Haven, Connecticut, that our parents used to frequent while dating.

They had brought us kids there when we were little several times before it was shut down. My sister found a link on YouTube to an old 1949 film clip of Savin Rock, scanning the different rides, activities and people in the amusement park.

Lo and behold, fifty eight seconds into the film, my father, at the age of nineteen, and  his friend meander across in front of the camera. You can imagine what it was like when my family first viewed this clip! We felt like time travelers. There he was so tall and thin with dark hair and a light blue shirt on to match his eyes. It was awesome to see him so young and in good health, not a care in the world. This was during the summer of 1949. He hadn’t even met my mother yet!

Within days of finding this precious treasure my siblings and I each received our portion of the life insurance policy. It was just a week before my father’s birthday. With the  money I had received, I gathered my family the day of his birthday in celebration of his life and to acknowledge his touch from the other side. Yes, he was still with us in a different way...thanks for the touch Dad!

linda sugrue mellorLinda Sugrue Mellor is a longtime student of the Cayce Readings and the Bible. Linda’s series of extraordinary past-life recollections continue in other issues of The Open Door.