an interview with Melissa Stamps by Lynne Salomon Miceli

melissa stamps 2"In Shamanism," Melissa Stamps writes, "when a child or person is ill, different or doesn't ‘fit in,’ they become outcast from the tribe." Such outcasts may then "go on a journey to develop their gifts. They return to the tribe to become spiritual catalysts and awakeners. They help others heal and transform."

This is a personal mythology with which Melissa evidently identifies. So, I suspect, would Edgar Cayce and probably most of us in the New Age community...

Melissa read a multitude of books about Edgar Cayce in adolescence and also sees Cayce in the light of the Shamanic tradition because his trance journeys into the world of Spirit to bring back knowledge and healing so resembled the methods of shamans.

She joined us as an A.R.E. of NY Center practitioner in January of this year, offering Psychic Readings and Energy Matrix Healing, which she explains is a "non-invasive way of working with energy grids around a person’s body to bring emotional, psychological and physical energy fields back into balance."

two moons by Lydia BisantiMelissa is also trained in Shamanic journeying, Shamanic bodywork, trance healing, Physical and Mental Mediumship and Spirit Release. She is a trained and experienced Clairvoyant Empath and Energy Worker, a certified Psychic Medium and a certified Hypnotherapist, as well as a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, the International Association for Professional Life Coaches and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Additionally—and amazingly—Melissa is also a certified Interior Design stylist and a graduate of the Ohashi Institute of Advanced Shiatsu Studies. 

"I’m always wanting to learn more and go deeper," Melissa says. "Mom used to call me the perpetual student." Despite her extensive background, she continues to take trainings. "I never feel like it’s enough," she explains. "It’s like I’m wanting to get beyond the veil and see what’s on the other side."  

Melissa’s first connection with the A.R.E. NY Center was as a student, taking courses with Belgian energy healer Tim Biot. Then she was asked to participate in one of our Psychic and Healing Fairs and eventually invited to become a Center practitioner. In addition to her psychic and healing practice at the Center, Melissa presents workshops and courses on topics such as Psychic Development and Space Clearing. She recently finished teaching a course in Feng Shui: Transforming Your Space for Success and Wealth.

When she was asked recently by the A.R.E. of NY Board to help with a Feng Shui makeover of the Center, Melissa responded with a generous and eager, "Yes!" Expect to see some of the changes Melissa has brought about the next time you visit the Center.

Melissa’s accomplishments and credentials are dazzling—but, like Michael Edan, who we featured in the previous issue of The Open Door, Melissa started out in a very different direction.

A working actor and dancer from age eight, Melissa, who grew up in New York, attended a professional theater school in London and had roles in both the U.S. and the U.K. At one point she started her own theater company. "I like the work I’m doing now more," Melissa says. But she acknowledges that acting was a great beginning—a way of experimenting with many modes of being, different personalities, different historical eras. In a sense it was a lead-in to Past Life Regression work. "I could feel myself leaving my body through my crown chakra many times" while acting, she said.

Not raised with "any specific religious imprint," Melissa says she always experienced God as feminine. She associates this with "people finding their own experiences of what Source is. Trusting intuition and dreams."

"Sacredness is the expansive feeling of being connected to Source," Melissa has written on her website. "For me, that is the Goddess and Her Mystery. It is feeling and seeing in heightened ways, where colors are brighter, feelings are more intense, creative states are more accessible. There is flow all around you and you are part of the flow that comes from Source!

To illustrate that flow, Melissa shared a story: A man who had just tragically lost his father made an appointment to see her for a reading. He had not been getting along with his father before he died. Before the appointment, Melissa began seeing the image of a ring and knew it had deep significance. It was connected to the client’s father. "Some people start coming through [from the "other side"] before the session because the need to communicate is so urgent," Melissa said. "As soon as the client sat down, he pulled out the ring I had seen." The father also showed Melissa a specific city deeply linked to his career and shared other important locations and messages. These connectors were exactly what the grieving client needed as proof of his father’s presence. The session became a pivotal experience that was life-changing for this man. "But I was only the messenger," Melissa says.   

Appointments with Melissa may be made through her website: or by calling her at 201-865-3823.
Options are an hour reading for $195, 45 minutes ($165) or a half hour ($125).  

"Two Moons" Art by Lydia Bisanti. Used by permission.