spiritual meeting of worldsSometimes called demonstrations of mediumship, larger gatherings are a wonderful way to reunite groups of friends and family members here in physical form with loved ones in spirit form.

On this evening, evidential Mediums Karen and Dalbir will attune to the world of Spirit to connect with loved ones who have departed this life, so they can share their story, feelings, thoughts, memories and messages. Their story, and the details within that story, will offer evidence of their continued existence, so you know without doubt that it is your loved one who is reaching out to uplift you with love and messages.

The evening is 90 minutes long and usually offers six to eight individual communications and stories from loved ones in Spirit. Since not everyone is guaranteed an individual message from the spirit world, the second half of this evening is a group guided journey, in which Karen will lead participants into a receptive state so they can experience the presence of their loved one directly.

This “induced communication” is made possible by the bonds of love that exist between two people; one in spirit and the other in physical form. All that is required for this form of communication is openness and trust that your loved ones want you to feel their presence and offer reassurance that they are well and continue to walk with you on your path during this time of physical, but not spiritual, separation.

Date: Saturday, October 27
Time: 6:15 - 7:45
Location: Balance Arts Center, 3rd floor, Room 5 (No elevator), 34 West 28th Street, New York, NY
Fee: $35 per person


karen francesKaren Frances McCarthy is an international, accredited medium, published author, and public speaker, MA CSNU is an advocate of the ethical practice and healing potential of mediumship. She underwent years of intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England and holds three awards, Certificates of Recognition, in mediumship, spiritual healing and public speaking from its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union.

Using the immense power of mediumship to heal the heart, Karen strives to provide comfort in your time of need. She is passionate about helping people heal their hearts through mediumship. She helps the bereaved find solace by reconnecting with loved ones in spirit form and sharing their messages of joy, upliftment and healing to loved ones still here in physical form. She offers spiritual healing and intuitive guidance to support your soul's progress and allow the transformative power of the spirit world to flow to you to help mend body, mind and spirit.

She writes about spirituality and wellness for Salon, Huffington Post Religion, and Beliefnet, among other publications, and produced the documentaries Alchemy and The Crystal Cave with Deepak Chopra. She hosts the Science & Spiritualism initiative for the SNU international school online and runs an international absent healing circle. She is currently preparing for a PhD in Religious Studies, and her memoir Till Death Don't Us Part will be released in 2019.

dalbir grewelDalbir “Dee” Grewal is a Spiritual Medium, Angelic Channel and an Artist from the UK. She has studied at the Arthur Findlay College in London under many prominent teachers of mediumship from the UK, including mentoring with international medium and senior tutor Mavis Pittila. Dee has been working with the spirit world for many years to bring messages of love and comfort to loved ones here both in public demonstrations and private practice.

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