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“It wasn’t just learning the basic foundation of psychic development; it was a true healing over the course of the year. You become a part of your classmate’s lives by getting to understand their joys and pains; but also, learning to heal together by using our new-found skills. You aren’t just learning to develop your psychic skills; you are learning who you are as a person and what has put you on this life path.

Our awesome instructor, Lin, never judged our skills against another; she only looked for us to progress towards realizing our own individual psychic abilities. Thank you, Cayce Center, for introducing this course and I wish there was an advanced course, I would sign-up in a literal heartbeat…”

- Marilyn Ridley

“When I decided to join the psychic skills certification program, my only thought was that it sounded interesting and that I would learn about a part of me that I haven’t yet been in touch with. I am stunned by how much I have learned and how much I am capable of. I am learning new skills that make it necessary to look beyond my Self; it feels like the Universe seems larger and that I have more of a place in it. It’s subtle and amazing. I’m thankful to Lin not only for what she is teaching us, but for the supportive atmosphere she created. We’ve become a network of likeminded souls. Thank you, Lin”

- Marilyn Z

“The Psychic Certification Program taught by Lin Hunter at the A.R.E. Center in NYC has already had a profound impact on my life, and I am only half way through this year-long course while writing this. I was drawn to this course the moment I read about it, and I hoped to encounter 3 outcomes upon taking it: 1) meeting with, and learning from, likeminded spiritually-centered individuals; 2) exposing myself to psychic topics that I had read about but had never examined in detail 3) increasing my overall confidence in my psychic abilities, with the hope of one day starting my own psychic/healing business.

I feel that I have learned so much from Lin and my classmates already; in fact, I have developed some friendships that I suspect may last a lifetime. In exposing myself to topics I had never spent any time on before—tea-leaf reading for instance—not only did I find this to be a valuable means of psychic exploration, I also found out that I was quite good at it —what a delightful surprise! I have been so encouraged to find out that my innate psychic abilities are further along than I ever thought and participating in this class is allowing those abilities to continually deepen, unfold and develop, something I would never have discovered had I not taken this course.

I have already achieved my 3 primary goals for taking this course, and I am only half way through it at this point. The outcome that I did not consider or expect but one that I am truly grateful for is that of true spiritual healing. In last weekend's course, we discussed and practiced mediumship. In the process, I discovered that 2 of the evidential readings I gave were accurate and provided joy and peace to 2 of my fellow classmates. The reading I received from one classmate was truly life-changing for me. I have battled anxiety and depression for over 30 years, but since definitively connecting with my Loved One and receiving such a powerful message requesting my forgiveness I have been living in a peaceful state of mind for the first time since I was 16.

Every aspect of my life is changing: I have slowly started to lose weight after years of struggling. I have spent many years living in a cluttered apartment and suddenly I find that it is much easier for me to clean and not re-clutter. Instead of constant ups and downs in my energy and mood I am living in a more peaceful, balanced state on a regular basis. My family and friends have remarked that I appear to be much happier and relaxed than ever before. Every day it feels like another aspect of "stuck" energy that has held me back in life is being removed. I am so profoundly grateful to Lin and my classmates on all levels and am eager to see the continued changes the next 6 months will bring.”

- Liz S. NYC

“This program has enriched my life in countless ways. Going through this class is like discovering a whole new world that you suspected is there but you just couldn't perceive before. After each weekend of instruction and practice on different aspects of psychic work, one takes home a new toolbox to help you unfold that which is inherent in all of us, that connection to all there is, and the infinite possibilities that are there for us if we know how to access them. All this unfolding is expertly guided by the teacher of the class, Lin Hunter, whose dedication, love, humor, passion and ability to make her students believe in themselves and make this class a remarkable and healing experience. I am forever changed thanks to this class.”

- Andrea

"Lin's course is extremely comprehensive and detailed, surveying a wide array of psychic phenomena and abilities. The skills you learn will change you as a person. You realize that we are all eternal spirits living temporarily in physical bodies. You learn that everything is a form of energy that can be accessed psychically. This makes you more calm and relaxed with life, knowing that you are a part of the universe and can access its assistance whenever necessary. In handling life's challenges, I know that I can always tap into the universe's infinite intelligence to help resolve issues. You become more self-confident while developing the ability to "read" people and situations well in advance.”

– Leo

"Linda Hunter is a treasure. Her Psychic Certification Skills Course is a must take for anyone who is either only beginning to understand their abilities or for someone who is wishing to further explore, expand and ground their abilities. Her teaching method is practical, organized and above all effective. Self-confidence is instilled and nurtured. Lin has no need to be "flashy". Her energy and incredible talent is put to use nurturing and growing her students. And my fellow classmates have become comrades for life.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further develop their psychic skills. I now understand my abilities and sensitivities on new and deeper levels, giving me the self-confidence I had been looking for. Make no mistake, Lin is there to make you a capable "Reader". You will be pushed and tested, and it will be worth every minute! Thank you, Lin!”

- S.A. Darcy, Sept. 2017

"Lin Hunter is a masterful teacher of psychic development. Her expert guidance will open you up to your own innate psychic gifts through her safe, sacred and playful teaching process.

Lin Hunter helped me to discover my own unique personal style of receiving intuitive communication and the many practical ways that I can use these skills to improve my own life and help others. The Psychic Skills Certification Program at the world renowned Edgar Cayce NYC Center is a wise investment in yourself.”

- Sharonah Rapseik

"Lin Hunter's Psychic Skills certification course is not to be missed. If your looking for a class chock full of fantastic information, excellently run exercises and getting much more than your money's worth, this is the class for you. I highly recommend this program—it’s helped me see my life and the world in a whole new, interesting way!”

- John Harrison

"I have taken many psychical classes over the years and this course, by far, has been the most thorough, engaging and informative of all. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring all the different tools associated with obtaining psychic information. Lin Hunter is an excellent teacher who is both professional and down-to-earth. I have enjoyed this class very much.......Thank you Lin!”

- Dawn P.

"Lin's marvelous school is like an astonishingly beautiful pure crystalline lake of wonders beamed by angelic infinite suns. Lin's one-of-a-kind teachings unlock our hidden treasures that lay dormant deep within us all to sparkle and shine. Her fantastic methods are as clear as the purest river filled with opalescent rays of wisdom backed by science. Anyone who is lucky enough to partake in her classes are truly blessed to be able to learn to flow through the magical ocean of consciousness guided by Lin's grace and love.”

- Sirène Louveteau

General introduction to The Psychic Skills Certification Program
Course Schedule and Descriptions
About The Teachers
For How to Apply, Tuition and Installment Plans information