malcolmsmithhealing crpThe internationally admired Spiritual Healer from England returns to NYC for private sessions only at the Edgar Cayce Center! Malcolm considers himself an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift—the ability to be a channel for healing energy from God.

For more than 35 years, he has used his gift to relieve the pain, disease and suffering of thousands. Sometimes, the healing he gives results in instant cures. Often, several sessions over several weeks are required for results to manifest physically. He has restored sight and hearing, cured “incurable” diseases including cancer, and changed hundreds of lives. He emphasizes that slow progress is the norm and Spiritual Healing should not replace orthodox medical treatment.

There are still appointments with Malcolm left. Book now by calling (212) 691-7690. If you get voice mail, please leave a clear, distinct message with your contact info.

Signed copies of his fascinating life story Spiritual Power, Healing Hands are available in our Cayce Book & Gift Shop, where ARE-NY Center Members save 10%. If you have a remarkable healing story or testimonial about Malcolm Smith, please send it on.

Why do so many of us believe that Malcolm has an extraordinary gift? Read the “Dog Heals Dog” story below (click on "Read More") about an extraordinary healing during his last visit in March. You can also read testimonials and watch a video interview at

Dog Heals Dog…With Help From Malcolm Smith

During Malcolm's March visit to our Center, I was volunteering at the Reception Desk when a fireman came in for his appointment. He was carrying a sick, injured dog draped around his shoulders. While they were waiting to see Malcolm, I asked him about the dog’s bandaged leg. He explained that this dog had been purposely bred for dogfighting with weak legs that were prone to injury. I was so touched that this sweet, affectionate dog had found a good home and caretaker at the fire station.

The next day, Helen Mawn, one of our key Reception volunteers, got a call from the fireman who shared wonderful news with her: After the treatment with Malcolm, he took his dog back to the fire station, where she encountered a dog that was going to be put down because of a serious spine problem. It seems that the healing energy that his dog received was so powerful that somehow, some of that energy was transferred to the sick dog at the station. The fireman was thrilled to tell us that the sick dog is no longer sick! Indeed, he was well and able to run around the fire station.

30-min session, $100
Call (212) 691-7690 to book appointments.
Appointments with Malcolm Smith require prepayment in full. If a check is sent, the appointment will be available a week after it is received. Refunds require a 72-hour notice of appointment cancellation.

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