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movement classes newJoin us for the 2017 series featuring healing and empowering classes by some of the most talented teachers in the body-mind-soul field! Come experience our morning, afternoon and evening movement and mindfulness classes: Connect to your physical and spiritual center with Isui Reiki Share and Chair Yoga or Chakra Yoga on Tuesdays; get in touch with your fun-loving, creatively-moving side with a free-flowing Groove on Wednesdays; and experience the centeredness, freedom and ease of Eurythmy on Thursdays!

All classes in the series are $20, or $15 per class with a 10-class package deal. Class equipment will be available - or bring your own! Space is limited for all of the classes, therefore preregistration is a must. We reserve the right to cancel classes which don't show sufficient preregistration. Please call us 24-hours prior to the class start time to ensure the class will be held.

Chakra Yoga

Instructor: Yuko Kudo

Tuesdays: 12 Noon – 1 pm

Each week will focus on a specific chakra using mantra, visualization, intention and essential oils. We work on balancing out the masculine and feminine energy of each chakra and opening up to the energy flow within our body to unlock any blocks we may have. Class is open to all levels. Get ready to have some fun.

Space is limited for this class, therefore preregistration is a must. Buy tickets here.

yuko kudoYuko Kudo is a Happiness Promoter and an advocate for self love. Her journey with yoga and essential oils transformed her and opened up a whole new meaning to a life. Certified Chakra Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner. Studied Chakra with Anne-Margaret Redding, CREATE workshop with Natalie Roy and Kristin Hanggi. A founder and creator of the Love+Live+Life and "I AM ME" Project. www.yukoislovelivelife.com



Isui Reiki Share and Chair Yoga

Instructors: Leah DeSanto and Olivia Whiteman

Tuesdays: 5:30 – 6:45 PM

Join Leah DeSanto and Olivia Whiteman for a class that starts with LV Chair Yoga and continues with an Usui Reiki Share.

Leah DeSanto is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner Certified in Usui and Tibetan Reiki in 2003. Olivia Whiteman is a Certified LV Chair Yoga Instructor.

This class will start with LV Chair Yoga, a physical movement to improve circulation and continue with the soothing effects of a Reiki Share.

Please register by calling the Edgar Cayce Center and mentioning The LV CHAIR YOGA AND REIKI SHARE WITH LEAH AND OLIVIA ON TUESDAYS AT 5:30 pm.

Space is limited for this class, therefore preregistration is a must. Buy tickets here.

Morning GROOVE - Free-flowing Creative Dance for Everyone!

Instructor: Maria Gutierrez-Ferrar

Wednesdays: 10 – 11 AM

GROOVE CLASS is...Authentic dance for everyBODY!

The GROOVE is an incredibly easy dance experience where you don't need to worry about following the steps or a leader. Everyone unites on very basic movements, and everyone makes those movements unique and their own!

Through creativity and community, the GROOVE is really just like an epic dance party! GROOVE focuses on expressing the whole self! Not only is it a great workout for the body, but the brain joins in the party through creativity and self-expression, and the being is satisfied through mindful practices, stillness, and breathing.

Space is limited for this class, therefore preregistration is a must. Buy tickets here.

Maria Gutierrez FerrarAs a Cuban-born girl from a family of professional Rhumba and Mambo dancers, Maria Gutierrez-Ferrar knows the power of music and dance. Her passion is sharing it with everyBODY! Maria became a dance instructor over 25 years ago and LOVES helping people find joy through music/dance. Teaching dance fitness 15 years ago, she realized how terrified people are to move their own bodies and researched ways to help students relax and actually enjoy the process. She found GROOVE by Nike Elite Instructor, Misty Tripoli of the World GROOVE Movement, and joined its mission of elevating consciousness through free-flowing expressive movement.




Instructor: Marta Stemberger

Thursdays: 12:15 – 1:15 PM

Eurythmy is the breathing, alive space among people; it’s the flow of energy as we move along, towards, through, past each other. Not just “dancing with” as in folk dance, or “dancing at” as in ballet, but consciously cultivating the aliveness among the movers. Time and space are crafted into a magical opening where we can all glimpse our own true dreams, the dreams that we were born with, the path of humaneness that awaits our discovery.

Eurythmy is an integrated harmonious movement system that offers a set of tools for transforming the inner activity into conscious harmonious movement. We’ll move to the sounds of soothing and inspiring poetry to make the words, thoughts, inner images visible. The burdens lighten up, the hearts lift, the Souls reawaken. We’ll emerge relaxed, refreshed, recharged to go on with the day. Eurythmy—performance art, pedagogical tool, movement therapy, social art, spiritual practice—was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Rudolf Steiner. Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed. We’ll simply breathe and flow in harmony with the sound and each other.

Please wear loose fitting clothes with long-sleeved tops and long loose pants or skirts. The tops should allow you to freely move arms all the way up, and still cover your belly area. We’ll move barefoot. No slippery socks or footwear please. Space is limited for this class, therefore preregistration is a must. Buy tickets here.

Marta Stemberger EurythmistSoulful Wizardess Marta Stemberger, MA, is a eurythmist, trained at Eurythmy Spring Valley, NY, with a background in modern dance. She holds a Certificate of Dance from Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, NYC, has studied at Martha Graham Dance Center, NYC, and with Bessie Schonberg, NYC. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Slovenia, Europe, and the U.S. since 1989. She actively performed eurythmy throughout her training (2008-2014), culminating in North-East and European tours. In Summer 2014, she was the stage manager for the four-day long series of Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas in Chestnut Ridge, NY, while performing three acting and two eurythmy roles. Currently, she works on two new solos and teaches public eurythmy courses in NYC.

As a spiritual researcher, Marta developed a unique reading Dynamic Name™ Mandala, Astrology in Your Name, based on the insights from eurythmy. She writes two blogs: weekly Soulful Sparks of Inspiration, which also appears in The Huffington Post, and bi-weekly Eurythmy Musings. She published Soulful Sparks Calendar 2016.

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