kerry okeefeAncestral Clearing

Kerry O'Keefe is trained personally by John Newton, the originator of this extraordinary modality. Through the release of inherited stress and burden trapped in the body, Ancestral Clearing can reap powerful results in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual health, relationships, chronic pain, financial wellbeing and more. Her background in Energy healing enhances each session. For more information, Kerry’s website is

I've had two Ancestral Clearing sessions with Kerry O'Keefe and have been very impressed at how  profoundly healing they are – physically, mentally and emotionally. The techniques seem simple, yet in one session, she helped me bring up and clear three layers of past hurts underlying a physical injury.

She has taken what she learned from John Newton and infused it with her keen intuition, empathy and compassion. She even added healing energies at the end to help me integrate the deep changes made. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work.

  —Sylvia Chappell, Edgar Cayce Center of NYC Board Chair

Kerry had already introduced me to energy work, and when I discovered she practiced Ancestral Clearing, I knew I had to try it. Not only did my session with her relieve the anxiety I was experiencing, but helped me continue to feel relaxed and clear for weeks after the treatment.

—Kim B, Financial Advisor, Lambertville, NJ

April Intro Special, 45 mins., $50 (save $40)

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