mathewsonSwedish and Shiatsu Massage, Reiki and aromatherapy

Kenny Mathewson's Therapeutic Massage sessions usually integrate Swedish, Shiatsu, Reiki and his natural Spirit-given healing ability. He can also incorporate aromatherapy, hot towel healing massage, meditations and inner peace calming touch. Tensions are released, nerves and muscles become relaxed, An overall lightness of being is achieved. The healing process begins. Also a visual artist, Kenny brings his artistic sensitivity to the art of massage. He explains:

"The work I do is extremely personal, loving, healing and spiritual. My hands listen to your body, cells, and spirit. My mind focuses on implementing what you need. In my work, I sense energies from many channels, guides, angels. As I pick up energies from you,, you pick up energies from me. It's a fantastic exchange, filled with messages and healing."


60 minute Basic Swedish Massage: $100

60 minute Swedish/Shiatsu Massage: $100

30 minute sessions: $60

Appointments, call 929-465-2807.


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