heart anniversary icon goldCome and celebrate our 20th Anniversary the weekend of September 22-23-24 with special presentations by Edgar Cayce’s great-granddaughter Corinne Cayce and her husband Jesse Luckett.


Golden Heart Reception 2017

We honor our most generous donors, and Corinne shares what it’s like “growing up Cayce.” Read more


Two transformative workshops

Choosing Courage: Edgar Cayce Teachings on Transforming Fear into Positive Action 12-4 PM

Sometimes the fears we face are easily recognized realities right before our eyes. Other times our fears exist as the unexplored undercurrents that dictate how we show up in our lives. Whether palpable or mysterious,... Read more about the presenters and buy tickets here!

The Soul in Action: Edgar Cayce on Keys to Awaken Psychic Ability 5-8 PM

Edgar Cayce talked about psychic ability as an attribute of the soul. He described its unfolding as the activity of the soul as we strive to follow spiritual laws. These are the laws taught by Jesus.... Read more about the presenters and buy tickets here!


Party and Open House

20th Anniversary Celebration 1-5 PM

Panel of Cayce Experts and Volunteer Appreciation. Read more

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