travisogdenTRAVIS's story begins with a Pre-Mayan Ancient Crystal Skull named Pancho. Upon touching and having a moment with Pancho, Travis had a profound experience of DNA activation shortly after which he started having visions of what to build with the help of his Crystal allies. Part of Travis's mission is to share the tools of transformation that his Crystal guides have brought into his life during this time of great change and evolution. Ever since he had the experience with Pancho, Travis has absorbed himself into the crystal mineral kingdom however his interest and love for crystals has been passed down by his ancestors and has been with him since childhood. Travis has played a major role in bringing the love of crystals to the A.R.E. of New York where he does his Crystal Grid Healings. He also devotes his time to Crystal Connections which is a spiritual center in upstate New York built around crystal awareness.

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