OpenDoorNewsletter Jul Sept2017The new issue of The Open Door (TOD) is packed with current news, timeless Edgar Cayce wisdom, holistic health info, 20th Anniversary memories and more.

Read it now for these great features:

  • Our 20th Anniversary: Celebration events, memories and history of our NYC Center
  • Peter Woodbury, teacher of our Life Coaching course, calls himself a “bridge person.” Learn more about this superb course and the unique “Renaissance Man” who teaches it.
  • What did Edgar Cayce say was the most important experience in life? Finding a career? Getting married? No—Cayce said the most important experience was setting a Spiritual Ideal! Learn how.
  • The “Disease of Kings” is increasingly common in the 21st Century. Mother Nature’s Remedies offers holistic healing for gout.
  • A past life in 19th Century Virginia teaches an important lesson.
  • And more!

Please note: To assist with your Ideals Work, we now have a special section on Ideals on our website, with information and resources to help you get started.

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freetown storyUPDATE 8/28: A.R.E. International in Va . Beach has set up a way to send donations directly to our A.R.E. family in Sierra Leone. Go to

Please continue to send your prayers—those are greatly appreciated as well. We thank you on behalf of those who have suffered such devastating losses for sharing from your heart to give them resources needed to rebuild their lives and their A.R.E. Center.

Here's the original story we ran in our weekly e-newsletter on August 17:
Tuesday, August 15, an email received from Mohamed Kamara, A.R.E. President Sierra Leone (pictured at right and below with study group) told the heartbreaking news of devastating mudslides in the capital city that resulted in the loss of more than 400 lives and completely destroyed the A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Center (pictured below at its 2015 opening).

freetown 20131123 the bldgA request for prayers was sent out immediately from A.R.E. headquarters in Virginia Beach to our entire international community, and we encourage you to add your prayers for the comfort and healing of those who have lost loved ones, homes and property and of those passing into Spirit; and for the swift arrival of essential resources for immediate relief and long-term rebuilding.

UPDATE from Sylvia Chappell, A.R.E. of NY Board Chair:
A.R.E. Va. Beach recommends sending monetary contributions to charities with campaigns to providing relief specific to the Freetown Sierra Leone floods including The Water Bearers. We are working with a member of our NYC A.R.E. community who grew up in Freetown to find the best way to provide resources to rebuild. Please watch this e-newsletter and our website for news. Thank you.

An update from Mohamed arrived yesterday, August 16:

“… words can not explain the gravity of the calamity that took place in my country until you see with your naked eyes…. rescue teams are digging dead bodies from the ground while thousands are at the national stadium patiently waiting for the government to provide shelter for them…. The number of A.R.E. members that died is unknown at the moment and I personally lost 32 family members and till date some are missing. Finally, the streets are deserted while people are at the stadium and others are in their houses crying for their love ones. I was very busy going around with the rescue teams looking for the bodies of my family members and friends. I once more thank you all for the solid efforts and love shown to me at the traumatic situation.”

A.R.E. Va. Beach is taking the lead in setting up the most effective way to send monetary contributions to our Cayce family in Sierra Leone. Please watch this website or our Facebook page for updates. Thank you.

freetown Judiya 2 20150124 study gr members

heart anniversary icon goldDonations of any size make a difference. Monthly pledges are a great way of giving generously and painlessly. Make a tax-deductible donation or pledge here. You can also donate by mail, phone or in person.

Donors of $1000 or more by Sept. 20th will be our honored guests at our festive 2017 Golden Heart Reception, on Friday evening, September 22nd.

corinne cayceCorinne Cayce, Edgar Cayce’s great-grand-daughter, will be our Special Guest Presenter. Enjoy a delicious buffet, warm fellowship and fun—as Corinne shares her presentation, Growing Up Cayce.

All contributors of $1000 or more by Sept. 20th receive invitations to this gathering. Contributions made since the last Golden Heart event (Sept. 23, 2016) count toward your total. Time and location to be announced.

20170720 john newton nyc 11Last Thursday, July 20, 100 people gathered for John's Ancestral Clearing Group Event at the Roosevelt Hotel (twice as many as our Center can hold!). It was a profoundly transformative experience, where John worked with us individually and as a group to release limiting beliefs and unresolved imprints from our lives and lineage to help us create a life of joyous fulfillment.

We're also grateful to all those who attended John's 3-hour manifestation workshop on Friday and his Ancestral Clearing training over the weekend. Find out how you can participate in this life-enlightening work at

20170720 john newton nyc 1  20170720 john newton nyc 8

psychic skills crpDue to operational issues, we’re unable to open any more Immersion Weekends to non-Certification students. We regret any disappointment. Because of the extremely positive response to our current Psychic Skills Program and its superb teacher, we’ve invited Lin to offer additional classes on most-requested topics—and to plan the next Psychic Skills Certification Program for Spring 2018. Stay tuned!

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