20170114 psychic fair sylvia chappell workshopBy Sylvia Chappell

At our January 14th Psychic Fair at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, I did a live public Tarot Reading about 2017. Doing a live public reading is not something I do lightly—I never know what will come up, particularly in times of great uncertainty and upheaval as we’re going through now. Many visitors to our Center this year have expressed apprehension about the future.

The reading I did was in answer to the question, “What is the most important thing that Spirit/Source God would like for us to know about the coming year?”

I explained that this tarot reading would not show anything that was “fated” or “set in stone.” On the contrary, the tarot would show us the predominant energies and probabilities of the year. We always have the free will to choose how we respond to these energies and probabilities as they manifest in our lives. The vibratory rate of our response (high, low or in between) determines what events, situations and relationships we draw into our lives.

2017 tarot spread by sylvia chappell

As always, I first set my intent that I would be a clear, pure channel of guidance from the highest, holiest Source through my Higher Self for the highest and best good of all concerned—with Light to all, Love to all, Peace to all. Then, after asking the audience to add their vibrations to the deck, I shuffled the cards and was astounded as I dealt out this 5-card spread:

Why? First, because, of the 5 cards in this spread, all 5 were Major Arcana, the 22 archetypal cards in the deck of 78 cards, meaning that powerful spiritual forces are at work this year for all of us.

On top of that, they were all extraordinarily positive, heralding a year where we have incredible opportunities to expand and raise our consciousness… to create a “heaven on Earth” of harmony and unity in accord with spiritual law. We all have these archetypes within us, and we can choose to use these qualities and energies to transcend the duality of 3D materialism and polarity thinking, “us vs. them, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong.”

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“Having a Center in New York City means we are at the center of where things happen. Metro New York is at the heart of where people come to fulfill their dreams and look for opportunities. The Center uplifts and gives individuals a place to come to and share ideas. They personally grow and take steps to become a better, more enriched soul with a growing understanding of self.” – Martha Lamas

consciousness world eyeWhen we lift our consciousness, we not only bring blessings in our personal lives, but blessings ripple out to all those we contact, and all they contact—to bring healing and Light beyond imagining.

Our beautiful new A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center opened at 153 W. 27th Street in September, as a matrix for just this kind of consciousness shift!

"Three years ago I arrived in New York knowing no-one. The New York A.R.E. has been wonderful, with its many practitioners offering excellent spiritual support and guidance in their fields. The readings and healings I have received have been miraculous and uplifting… the teaching and help given in various workshops has left me far more confident of my own psychic abilities. The staff are so welcoming and friendly. As a stranger to the city I immediately felt very much at home. I owe the A.R.E. so much and have been delighted to give back by financially supporting this incredible organization."  – Hilary Ohrstrand

Facing a huge rent increase at our 30th Street location, our Center was in danger of meeting the same fate as the Meta Center, which closed after an enormous rent hike in 2015. We searched and—by grace— found a new home that offers many advantages—for a rent that, although substantial, is lower than we would have paid if we’d stayed in our old space.

In the long-term, this move will be cost-effective, as well as providing a better setting for our Work of consciousness-raising and healing.

But in the short-term, the move was expensive.

Because we’re a non-profit, our new landlord required a security deposit of four months’ rent in addition to our first month’s rent—a total of $62,000. There were other major expenses including the buildout of our new Center.

Now, with some bills for our new Center buildout still to be paid, we’re experiencing a shortfall.

We need your support! Your tax-deductible gift of any size will help.

You can be sure every contribution matters. Every donation, large or small, will be put to excellent use making your Center the best possible resource for enlightenment and healing. (See Wish List in the Fall issue of The Open Door.)

"The A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center is the eye of the energetic storm that is Manhattan. In the midst of the world’s greatest bustling metropolis, Edgar Cayce’s vision of creating a place where one can grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually has become a reality. This is why I was guided to this shining star of inner peace as the venue for my NYC events which focus on the healing power of spirit communication. The facility, its staff and bookstore are dedicated to helping those weary of the burdens caused by grief, ill health and living in the material world."
– Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer®, world renowned psychic medium and best-selling author

Nowhere else in New York will you find all the opportunities offered at the A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center:

  • Workshops and courses in multiple aspects of spiritual and psychic development, energy healing and more
  • Extraordinary healing practitioners offering extraordinary healing for body, mind and spirit
  • Some of NYC’s best psychic and intuitive readers
  • Spiritual Growth Groups providing warm support and fellowship to help you grow
  • A bookstore with New York’s largest selection of Edgar Cayce books and products
  • This Spring, we’re excited to be offering A.R.E. of NY’s first Certification programs, starting with Psychic Skills Certification Trainiing in April—a comprehensive, year-long training.

"The personal reading with Sylvia [Chappell]…was spot on, very meaningful, insightful and practical, shining a light forward." – Ameeta Sanghavi Shah, Founder, Center for Positive Power, India

These are challenging times in our world.

tree of lifeMany of us feel uncertain about what the future may bring. At times like this, having a Community—where you are loved and supported in finding your inner peace and guidance—is so important!

For many, the A.R.E. of NY Center provides that Community—a safe haven allowing us to grow and become our best selves.

Your donation or monthly pledge now will help us complete our transition to our new space—and help sustain this spiritual home for you and others.

You can donate online here.

Find a form for a monthly pledge or donating by check here.

Or become a Founding Member of our Center. See your name immortalized on a beautiful Tree of Life painting honoring our founding contributors!

"I am a Founding Member of the beautiful, new A.R.E. NY Center of love and light because the Prayers for Healing Group and carefully curated presentations are hopeful, uplifting and just what my soul needs."  – Anne Riccitelli

See here for the different levels of tax-deductible Founding Member contributions (starting at $500) and the benefits at each level. Every Founding Member will have his or her name inscribed on our beautiful Tree of Life and will receive a year or more of A.R.E. of NY membership benefits.

Please help us complete our transition to our new Center with the most generous contribution you can give. Help us continue this important Work of enlightenment, healing and transformation.

"After almost two years of healing, working, and studying with Anton Baraschi, my life has gone from that of a sickly hermit walking with a cane, to that of an active healer participating in weekly events. I haven't used a cane in a year and a half now."  – Amelia Darcy

At this season of Thanksgiving, we are profoundly grateful for your support and for the abundance we know is on the way.
201611 board signatures

The A.R.E. of NY Board of Trustees

P.S. Please be generous. Our Treasurer tells us we need to bring in $9,700 per week to sustain our Center. Thank you so much!

6 Minutes to Create Heaven on Earth…
divine government meditation maureen st germain

Astrologers say there are turbulent energies surrounding the change of administration to President Donald Trump. Now, you can usher in Divine Government with a 6-minute mediation to transmute energies of fear, separation and anger into love, peace and oneness! NYC Cayce Center Board Member, intuitive teacher and author Maureen St. Germain gave us permission to offer you this free meditation she was inspired to record… an invitation to join with like-minded souls in creating heaven on Earth. Download it now at maureenstgermain.com.

lemonsWow, what a winter it has been so far! With so many people getting sick with colds, flus, respiratory and sinus infections, we are finding it increasingly difficult to keep our immune systems ahead of the game. It’s been noted that far more viruses and bacteria exist during temperate winters versus frigid ones. So far this winter has been slightly on the warmer side, which lends itself to higher amounts of rhinovirus (common head/respiratory cold), and influenza (the flu).

Many patients have asked me over the years how I do not get sick when as a Chiropractor I touch so many sick people. The answer is very simple: alkalize. The most effective things we can do to improve our immune systems and in keeping with Edgar Cayce's recommendations are apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, osteopathic manipulation with some of my modern day faves goldenseal, echinacea, yoga, exercise and the strongest antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent available, Oregano oil.

drscottkellerwithpatient3Dr. Scott Keller, Chiropractor
Wednesdays, 5 - 8 PM at the ARE of NY Edgar Cayce Center
Ph 631 375 8702

By Joan Carra, psychic medium

edgarcayce BWI was at the new location of the Edgar Cayce Center of New York on the night of Saturday, Sept 17th when the bomb exploded on 23rd Street in midtown Manhattan—just four blocks away from our new Center on 27th Street. I had spent the afternoon volunteering my services as a psychic reader and was in “the zone” I get in when I do readings, working nonstop. My body was stiff from siting in one position, so I decided to take care of myself by going to the group healing session and Prophecy Celebration with Peter Goldbeck, a popular Center teacher known as “the Light Guy,” where he channels divine light—what he calls “joy juice.”

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